10 Distinctive Features of Best Customized Product Boxes

Customized product boxes are a great way to have your products stand out on the shelf. With so many options, it can be hard to know what type of box is best for you. There are different shapes and sizes that will fit any product’s needs. Whether you need a square box or around one there is something for everyone. There are certain things that you can look for when deciding on a custom product box.

The key to successful packaging lies in the design of the product boxes that use to protect goods during shipping or storage. Product box printing is an effective way to make a statement about your business and represents what you are offering consumers with style, class, convenience, and most importantly added value.

 The best type of custom packaging is formed from recycling materials as they convey an eco-friendlier message which speaks volumes for consumer satisfaction. It’s important to avoid using glossy paper boxes because they can be very flimsy but if solid protection is what you require then use a polystyrene insert board that offers a higher resistance level against pressure loss or humidity.


Here are the top 10 features to look for when deciding on a product box:

High-Resolution Digital Printing

High-resolution printing uses high-tech printers to ensure your image comes out looking clear, crisp, and vibrant. With sublimation technology, it is possible to print any design or logo onto virtually any product box. This gives you ultimate creative freedom over what you want your packaging to look like without worrying about the limitations of screen printing.

  • Low Minimums All of The Time

It’s usually best to order more rather than less if you are unsure how well your business will take off or if there are other products that may be selling better than you thought at first.  However, with customized boxes, we offer low minimums no matter how many boxes you order.  If you need 4,000 boxes or 20,000 boxes, we can make it happen. On top of this, if you decide your product is not selling well and things change within the first 14 days of receiving your shipment, we will give you a full refund.

  • Never Mind How Many You Order Customized Boxes Are Cost-Effective

When ordering customized products such as customized product boxes the costs only go up when the amount goes up. The more orders placed for exactly the same design at exactly the same time ensure that we always receive optimal discounts from our suppliers and printers and in turn pass on these savings onto all our clients in terms of cost per box and free postage when ordering over 100 units.

  • We Give You the Option to Have Your Customized Product Boxes Delivered Flat

This is a service that few manufacturers provide and is very cost-effective when ordering large quantities of customized boxes for storage or shipment. This also allows you the freedom to have them folded flat in an envelope if they are being sent by airmail saving you further on postage costs!

  • Brands Strength Lies in Supplying Custom Printed Packaging at The Lowest Possible Prices

By allowing brands, as one of the leading manufacturers online, direct access to all our suppliers we are able to not only offer the cheapest prices around but guarantee that no other manufacturer can compete with brands meaning absolute peace of mind for our clients meaning low prices + best quality = unbeatable value.

We like when people like us and come back. We work hard to make sure that we do good things for people and they like that.

  • Paper-Based Boards Offer Even More Economic Alternative 

When you make boxes, you can use two materials. Corrugated cardboard is one of them. It has been used for a long time, which makes it good to use for longer projects. The Glassine board is the other one. It’s also durable and costs less than custom tray and sleeve boxes when you are making lots of boxes because it’s cheaper than corrugated cardboard. Manufacturers recommend using paper-based boards as an economic alternative not will you save more than 50% over corrugated cardboard.

  • Build Your Own Custom Boxes – Perfect Choice for Short Run Requirements

When you are looking for ways to make custom boxes, you can use tools that are available online at a low cost. Instead of investing in equipment, use your time and money on making great products. You can also look for suppliers who offer free samples of boxes. 

  • Request Free Box Samples to Assure the Best Results and Reassurance

To get started right away always request free box samples from prospective suppliers. This will give you an opportunity to see real results before finalizing the supplier best suited to your requirements especially when you are new to this field. Ensure that the supplier offers customization services for product boxes.

  • Customization of Product Boxes to Suit Your Product

Customized product boxes are when you put your products in them. They are attractive to customers and give space for good displays of your products. Put enough space when the box is packed, so people know how to use their products without any problems. The design should be simple but attractive.

When you are looking at different samples ask the company to customize the size of their boxes to your specifications. This will help the box look better or worse depending on what you need. Either give them specific measurements or have it done based on existing standards for your product.


How you package your products can help you sell them. You should use boxes that have well-designed. The design on the box can tell people about what they are buying. It could be that the box has a nice design, or it could show what is inside.

The best type of custom printed boxes are from recycling materials. They send a message that you care about the environment and people like it when they know. Make sure not to use glossy paper because it can be very flimsy, but if you need solid protection then use a polystyrene insert board.

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