4 Attractions Your Family Will Love in Alberta

What is not to love about the outdoors? Fresh air, peace, and scenic beauty it has to offer are all reasons to find places to visit with that type of atmosphere. Alberta has some of the most scenic outdoor spots in North America, and below is a list of places you will love if you visit. 


Jasper National Park 

If you and your family are visiting Alberta, it is most likely that you will enjoy the outdoors. Often, when visiting a place to go outside and enjoy the peaceful scenery, it can be ruined by other tourists and visitors. The point of going on a trip to be out is to enjoy the peace, and at Jasper National Park, you and your family will be able to do just that. 

Jasper is one of those well-kept secrets, which is crazy considering it is the largest national park in Canada. Visiting Jasper would mean almost 11,000 square kilometers (roughly 4,247 square miles) of uninterrupted peaceful nature. 

Moraine Lake 

Mountains are gorgeous, and the only thing that makes the sight of a mountain even better is when there is water right at the base of it. So visiting Moraine Lake is like seeing something directly out of your dreams. 

This lake is located at the valley of ten peaks, and ten peaks is a popular mountain range with ten mountains peaking at roughly 3,000 meters or higher. Taking a trip to Moraine lake would mean hiking and biking trails that you and your family could take to possibly get a better look at the gorgeous mountain range and lake. 

Calgary Stampede 

While visiting the outdoors to getaway can be relaxing and fun, planning an entire vacation with no intention of interacting with other people or going out might end up being boring. However, taking a day to go out and have classic family fun is a great plan while visiting Alberta. 

The Calgary Stampede is a huge ten-day festival celebrating the cities cowboy roots. It always takes place in early July and consists of fun rides and carnival games, and so many fun rodeo activities that the cowboys in your family will be begging you to start looking at Calgary homes for sale.

Sunshine Village Ski Resort 

Alberta is known for its gorgeous scenery within its national parks and skiing. The providence is home to a town called Banff, and the city of Banff has some of the biggest and most popular ski resorts in the entire world, one of which is Sunshine Village ski resort. 

The great part about Sunshine is that it is a great location to visit in winter and the summer. The ski resort during the winter attracts many people to hit the slopes and have a good time, but in the summer, it is home to huge hiking and biking trails for you outdoorsman to enjoy. 

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