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4 Industries That Benefit the Most from Enterprise Security

Whether you love technology, hate it, or fall somewhere in between. There is no doubt that it is becoming an increasingly important part of your life. Our digital world is growing as more people work from home and more companies do business online. But as our digital activity grows, the desire of criminals to exploit it is also increasing. Organizations are responsible for protecting data that is stored inside the servers. So, hire some new advanced cyber-attack protection for your enterprise security.

While cyber criminals are getting smarter and more strategic, it’s also clear that many companies don’t struggle much when it comes to their cyber security. It is up to you to protect your business and make sure you invest in its safety.

What is Enterprise Security?

The security of an enterprise is a multifaceted concern that encompasses both a company’s proprietary or internal trade secrets. Plus, employee and customer data in relation to data protection laws. The security of enterprise is becoming increasingly important for large international companies. This security focuses on the operation of data centers, networks, and web servers, but technically it starts with human resources.

According to some security researchers, social engineering is the main cause of up to two-thirds of all successful hacking attacks. Social engineering attacks exploit the weaknesses of human nature. Also, the integrity of employees, or the personal credulity of attackers to gain access to a network or data resources. Email phishing attacks encourage employees to click on links that download and install malware. In this case, data protection services are very vital for all organizations.


Here are some industries that need cyber-attack protection to support security against potential threats:

Health Care Industry

The health care center is the main target of hackers. They must have a proper security system against these attacks. Because the most confidential information, these companies may have is the historical medical records of patients in soft format. Which include the identity, addresses, financial status, and physical capacities of their patients. A hacker attacks a healthcare facility and disrupts all patient care and other health-related services.

This is one of the main reasons that healthcare need data protection services in their centers to provide antivirus mechanisms, firewalls, access controls. Plus, the protection against cyberattacks by hackers. These companies ensure that the security system they use in their operations is periodically updated and verified by those responsible for the functionality and system integration of the system.

Banking and Finance Industry

The finance industry is one of the critical sectors susceptible to cybersecurity risks. This industry has the most sensitive operations and information. The banking and financial industries need a robust security system backed by continuous monitoring to protect their vital assets. As various surveys show, many credit unions at various levels have been exposed to numerous phishing attacks. In addition, directed and organized crime is growing with the intention of obtaining financial benefits. In the insurance industry, large amounts of user records, including patient and identity information, are at high risk of cyber attacks.

Education Industry

Educational institutions have detailed information and personal data of their students and families, such as addresses, financial status, and other affiliations. These institutions also have valuable information on research conducted by staff, faculty, and students. It is also a type of institution that has diverse connections with its many industrial partners. Most institutions use security software to help protect the confidential information and academic research of their staff.

Despite their limited financial resources, they make sure to mobilize the latest and most competitive security software on their premises. A security system will help the business ensure that access to the institute is controlled and restricted to prevent attacks. This system also reduces downtime of the educational institution’s system hardware and software components. It promotes the effective and efficient operation of all processes within the institution.

Retail Business Industry

Retail is another industry more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The industry is more vulnerable to such risks due to the increase in online retailing. E-commerce sites are at high risk because they process large amounts of user data and facilitate online payment transactions. During the process, they collect the user’s personal and confidential financial information, such as cards.

Hence, they are prone to identity and financial theft. A single violation of a retail website can cause massive harm to this player, damage their reputation, user base, and trust. Plus, subject them to fines and legal proceedings resulting in significant financial loss. That’s why cyber-attack protection is very important for enterprise security.

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