4 Things That Will Help You Choose the Right Size of Eau De Toilette

If you are shopping for a new Eau de Toilette, you will most likely be preoccupied with choosing the right scent. You might be looking for something fruity and refreshing. Alternatively, you may wish for a spicy and woody fragrance. Either way, you will spend most of your time looking at the brand and the notes of the perfume.

But, something else you need to consider is the size of the Eau de Toilette. This is very important as it can affect the price you pay. If you are not sure what size to go for, here are four things you need to think about first.

The Notes

Choosing a new perfume is not easy. In fact, it takes time to investigate the fragrance and find out what the notes are. While there are some fruity fragrances out there, there are also spicy and woody ones. You have to investigate and decide what you want to wear, as well as what you like.

So, the notes of a fragrance will play a part in the right of Eau de Toilette you select. For instance, there are some notes that are better for everyday wear, which might mean you want a bigger bottle. For example, Emporio Armani Diamonds Rocks for Men has woody and spicy notes, creating a refreshing spray. Many men like this fragrance and choose to get a bigger bottle since they are able to wear it as a casual fragrance.

The Brand

Something else that is going to play a factor in your decision is the brand of the Eau de Toilette. They are going to decide what sizes are available for their fragrances. Indeed, they might keep it exclusive and only offer certain sizes. Alternatively, they may release an everyday perfume, which is going to come in larger sizes.

Therefore, you might want to shop around and see what the brand has to offer. You can then decide whether you want to spend more money on a bigger bottle. After all, some brands can be expensive and if you are choosing a designer one, this can have a higher price tag. The popularity of perfume might be a factor and certain sizes may only be available to you.

The Occasion

When do you like to wear Eau de Toilette? There are some people that reserve their favourite fragrance for parties, formal events and other special occasions. It can boost your mood and make you feel good. Then, there are others that like to wear a fragrance every day, and this can be part of their routine. Again, this is something that can make you feel confident, as well as secure about your hygiene.

When you are shopping for a new fragrance, consider when you will wear it. If you are going to wear it every day, you are going to be better off purchasing a large bottle. This will allow it to last longer. Alternatively, if you are going to only wear it on special occasions, you might be better off choosing a smaller bottle. You will have it for longer and you do not want it to go off.

Your Budget

Let’s not forget that you probably have a budget when it comes to the fragrance you are buying. So, if you are not sure what size to get, this is something that can help you. Indeed, as you would expect, larger bottles are going to have a higher initial price than smaller bottles. This might be more money than you want to pay.

But, as we have mentioned, you do have to consider how much perfume you use. If you use a lot, you may be better off trying to buy a medium-sized bottle. This is not going to have as high a price tag as the larger ones. But, it means that it is going to last longer and suit your needs if you want to wear it every day.

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