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5 Cigarette Packaging Trends that Impacting Business in 2021

From the beginning, packaging has been essential thing for packing and trading products. Though, at that time, it was not meant for the promotion of the brand or the product but to pack and deliver the items safely. Over the years, packaging trends have evolved and the role of packaging has changed from wrapping just the product to representing it in the most effective way.

Nowadays, packaging plays the most significant role in branding and promoting products. Without a great packaging a products is not considered as a good quality product. Many brands and companies are gaining popularity just because the packaging they come in. Manufacturers use packaging as the most effective marketing tool while for customers it is the first thing that steals their attention. Therefore, packaging is the backbone of any industry and act as a key ingredient in the making of the brand.

Why Manufacturing Cigarette Packaging is Hard?

With innovations and advancement in the packaging industry, every brand is trying and experimenting with new methods to bring revolution in their packaging. When it comes to the packaging of cigarettes and other tobacco products, tobacco industry have to follow certain rules and regulation listed by government while manufacturing custom cigarette boxes. These guidelines are followed while designing to aware customers about the health risks associated with the smoking. Cigarette manufacturing brands are directed to put warning labels to discourage consumers for buying cigarettes. Moreover, these brands also incorporate images of lip, mouth, and throat cancers to convey message to the public.

Hence, these rules and guidelines makes very hard for tobacco companies to create appealing packaging designs to create a brand image and attract customers. Regardless of all these difficulties, tobacco industry has still managed to incorporate new techniques into their packaging. This article will take you through the types and top cigarette packaging trends. If you want to learn about them, stick to this article!

Types of Cigarette Packaging

Smokers usually relate cigarette packaging to their style statement. Like clothing is the part of their personality they think great cigarette packaging adds to their personality. You might have noticed that mostly cigarettes come in regular squared cardboard boxes but there so much more than just squared boxes. Some of the packaging options include custom cigarette packaging, vintage cigarette packs, individual cigar wraps, collectible packs, diamond cigarette packaging, cartons, and luxurious cigarette boxes.

5 Cigarette Packaging Trends in 2021

The main purpose of the packaging is to distribute, store, and sale products safely. Packaging is the concoction of science, art, and technology. Brands that are taking these three things along are successful in the market. In this tough competition, it is the most effective way of promoting your brand without spending extra money on promotions. However, in order to promote your product it boxes and packaging should be attractive enough to grab customer’s attention.

When it comes to the packaging of cigarettes, one thing that comes to your mind is the good old cardboard boxes, right? Hold up then, you are missing out some amazing packaging designs. Tobacco industry has brought some best packaging designs for their customers incorporating customization options.

As far as the packaging of cigarettes goes, it should be manufactured according to the guidelines listed by government, which can make the packaging look unattractive. But companies have step up their packaging game and made innovations in the packaging. Following are our top of cigarette packaging mentioned below.

  1. Student Work Packaging Designed by Paola Meraz

Dark and flavorful burn cigars represent masculinity and class. This packaging design is inspired by George Burns who never performed without cigar in the hand. Wood and aluminum is used in the manufacturing of this packaging.

  1. Camel No. 9 Packaging Designed by Melncoly

This classic black color with the touch of hot pink color looks appealing and elegant at the same time. This packaging has a crocodile leather pattern and an embossing mimics the effect of leather.

  1. Student Work Packaging Designed by Bethany Heck

This wooden box is perfect to keep your cigars or cigarette in this. You can take this box along with you and it will look classy as well as attractive. This box will keep your cigars safe from any sort of damage.

  1. Gryllus Packaging Designed by Martin Fürst

This packaging is inspired by the gryllus which is a king of grasshopper lives in the field of tobacco, which produces fertilizer after eating the tobacco leaves and gives the product a special taste.

  1. Anti-Smoking Packaging Designed By Reynolds and Reyner

Each and every smoker keeps death in their pockets. The idea of this packaging comes from the people that are dying every year from diseases caused by smoking.

Last Word

Cigarette boxes are not so boring now. They have come a long way, from simple cardboard boxes to the packaging made with new technology and methods. The great packaging has most positive impact on the business. We are all aware with the fact that there are millions of smokers out there in the world. To grab their attention is not easy as it seems. Companies should come up with customized cigarette packaging, which will satisfy both business and customer’s requirements. This will help in escalating sales and make your brand known in the market.

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