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5 Exciting Digital Tools for Small Businesses

One of the last things any small business needs is more clutter. Small businesses often deal with smaller physical spaces, with many working out of the home, so digital solutions to their business needs are ideal. Luckily, more and more software systems are emerging and evolving every day, so you just need to decide what works for your company. If you’re looking to make your work life a bit easier, here are some exciting digital tools for small businesses. 

  1. Security

The thought of a data breach can be scary, and too many small businesses assume they aren’t worth targeting or that their current security measures are enough. A cyber attack can happen faster than you realize, and if you don’t have a proper response procedure in place, you could be looking at a pause in business operations at the very least. Not only can your personal information be at risk, but also the information of your employees, business partners, and customers. A loss of assets and increased liability are very real possibilities, so why risk it? SIEM tools make it easy to protect your company without the stress. Plus, many of these digital security companies not only protect your data, but also monitor and react to security concerns for you.

  1. Project Management

If whiteboards and notecards aren’t working for you, you might be more interested in digital product management. There are all sorts of programs that allow you to brainstorm, take notes, organize projects, and more. You can set up your projects, break them down into goals and tasks, assign deadlines, and keep everything organized in a clear and visible way without cluttering your physical space. Set reminders, add tags, and anything else you need to arrange your information in a way that works best for you.

  1. CRM

Communication with your customers is one of the most important aspects of running any business. When your customers are satisfied, they return again and again, forming a strong relationship with your brand and values. Keeping up with communication can be difficult, especially when you’re responsible for the million other tasks required to keep a small business running. Customer Relationship Management software is used to keep track of email communications. Not only can you use it to send out important emails about sales and special membership rewards, but also view which emails are getting opened, and which are getting ignored. This data can help you create better marketing material and keep customers engaged.

  1. Cloud Storage

If you’re sick of file cabinets and endless paper waste, it’s time to go digital. Uploading your data to cloud storage saves you space and all the time you’ll waste searching through those file cabinets. Digital storage can be flawlessly organized and searchable, with regular backups to make sure nothing gets lost. You won’t have to worry about losing any important documents due to disorganization or disasters like flooding or fire. 

  1. Communication

If you’ve got a team that you need to manage quickly and easily, communication and chat software will be your new best friend. You can make rooms for teams to take notes and chat about different tasks for their projects, send notifications to the entire staff, and keep relevant information visible for all to see. There are even programs you can use to create a virtual version of your office, complete with digital avatars and rooms employees can visit and interact with. They’re built to add fun to the workplace without being a distraction, and who knows? Maybe gamification will work wonders for you and your team! 

Digital tools for businesses are more powerful and easy to use than ever before, so why not see how they can help your company? You don’t have to try everything all at once, and many offer free trials or free versions to see if you enjoy them first. With a little experimenting, you’re bound to find new solutions that make a big impact for your small business.

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