5 Interesting Facts About Diwali —the Hindu Festival

5 Interesting Facts About Diwali —the Hindu Festival

Diwali festival is the enormous celebrated festival of our nation. It arrives at the Kartik maas according to our Hindu calendar. It is celebrated with the motive of victory of religion over unrighteousness, and our most respective Hinduism culture is known of this very well. So here, allow us to interpret you about some beautiful and knowledge things about Diwali to you.

Reunite with family, friends, and neighbours:

Diwali is when the people who belong to the opposite gender get an opportunity to get reunited. It is, in fact, the reunion with families, friends and neighbours in the society. So the devotees spend their time celebrating together, which is the excellent and primary spirit for the gathering. You should not forget to dress like an Angel. When the devotees get their forms of fashion such as skirts, sarees, be in pants or jeans. The primary purpose is that the girl should not doubt to get matching hair accessories like hair bands, bindi, etc., while the boy should not forget to have his hair open. Of course, it is imperative to eat sweets and enjoy some poori while the parents will buy presents for the kids.

Gifts and sweets:

Well, it is a famous impression that is sweet and shared this festival. Especially for children, to encourage them, every adult, sweet and heartily receiving and distributing the sweets and sweets gifts. And this is all happening throughout the neighbourhood or in every dwelling. Although all of them couldn’t give it, in this thinking, those tiny children are just in the midst of the air, and they don’t even know this, but they also offer sweets to the Father of the world. And this takes place throughout our entire society in the festival of Diwali. Pumpkin Chutney “This dish is also one of the very typical dishes, served in the Diwali occasions and has several degrees of taste, including pumpkin chutney is exceptionally delightful.

The festival of lights:

The Diwali festival is celebrated with the motive of illumination. The themes in the worship of the sacred diyas symbolize the light of the good and prosperity that has been bestowed upon us by Lord Vishnu. The Hindus have celebrated the festival of light for around 4,000 years. The depth of the spirit it celebrates indicates the true and focused religion, following the separation of the holy temples in the past, not to be ignited again, not to be available in this world again. As we know, that celebration of Diwali is necessary by providing sweet gifts to our relatives and guests, so now you can surf some unique Diwali gift hampers for your loving person and find some new and fresh designs for you ready. Religion is a complex facet of the consciousness of the indigenous people. It holds the sacred knowledge of our almighty, and it indicates the advantages we have of divine grace. It shows that the righteous make it possible for us to make a friendly and harmonious society.

Some other facts about Diwali:

Did you know that Lord Ram, the divine and brave incarnation of Vishnu, is also the King of India? A bright flame of the sacred diyas brings good health. Even if you don’t have a house, make sure to light a diya that day. Do not eat meat to keep your body sound. It is remarkable when parents arrange diwali gifts for their kids during Diwali. The festival starts on the eleventh day of Chaitra month on the Hindu calendar. Diwali is so famous for its gifts that people spend a lot of money on it. Everybody knows the perfect ‘sindoor-jamari’ that be present for these ladies. But according to Hindu myth, it is said that Sindoor and Jamari are prepared for this day to be present for the Goddess Lakshmi.

What is the essence of Diwali:

Diwali is the festival dedicated to the remembrance of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana. People observe this festival with devotion to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ram. It happens to be the brilliant night of our Hindu calendar. People worship Lakshmi on that night and visit temples, and perform other rituals. Hindus perform special prayers to rid our auspicious days of the heaviness. On this day, people make a lot of fast and get on their feet to worship the Goddess. This is celebrated to end the perfect spiritual year and rest the concluding night. Diwali festival usually holds on November 14 every year, and the first day of Diwali is celebrated as Bhai Dooj (Vaisakhi) for couples who couldn’t arrange marriages earlier.

When is Diwali celebrated:

Diwali will occur on the day of Shukla Paksha (Rasiya) in Hindi calendar. This year it is on the sixth day (Deepavali) of Diwali. Since it depends on the lunar calendar, the dates of this festival are observed in two different ways. For example, on the fifth day, there is the Dhanteras festival. Then on the seventh day, there is the Choti Diwali. What is the significance of this festival? Diwali is a splendid season to us, and it is considered the appearance of the new heaven and earth. The way of celebration of Diwali changes throughout the length and breadth of the country, and to meet the success of the pious and beloved events, a lot of cleanliness and maintaining is done. This festival is full of the joyous moment. What kind of festivities are there?

What are the rituals?:

  1. The whole fourteenth night of the lunar month of Kartika is a time for the entire family to celebrate the hard work and accomplish it. Also, all people participate in preparing and decorating the Dwarka. There is no daily routine other than standing up early to welcome the guests to our house. There are arranged dishes for exchange, mass meals, at times the next day. In addition, these meals are prepared with various ingredients, and everyone contributes to the feast.


  1. The auspicious day of Diwali is the day after the Full Moon day. The bright half of the Moon belongs to Lord Ram, whereas the whole Moon belongs to Lord Krishna on this day. This auspicious day is known as ‘Shri Ramanand Sabha’ or ‘Shri Vaisnav Diwas’.



Diwali festival is a unique festival of India and is very famous in different countries. We will provide you with more enthusiasm and knowledge for those who like to learn more and more about this. So, the festive season is soon commencing! Read about the Diwali of Hinduism and explore India’s essence in this season of grace.

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