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5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Considering While Buying a Cat Tree.

If you are a cat parent, you must know how tough it can be to keep track of your pet. Inherently, cats get bored quickly and always look for new ways to entertain themselves. 

One way to keep your house feline on toes is by investing in cat furniture. It will serve as their domain and save you from rescuing them from the top of your wardrobe or other hiding spots. 

A cat tree is a play structure that allows your pet to stay active by constantly climbing to the top. 

Want to buy cat trees online? Here are five things to check beforehand!


How high is the tree structure? 

Cats instinctively want to climb wardrobes or find hiding spots far away. On the other hand, some of them are afraid of heights and prefer low areas. You can invest in a tree on which your cat will thrive. 

Is your cat physically active? 

Most internet memes highlight lazy cats. Every feline has a different energy level and prefers different modes of entertainment. You can check the tree structure based on athleticism, health, and age. For example, older cats will avoid large trees with substantial jumping gaps. 

Do you own more than one cat? 

The number of cats you have in the house might seem irrelevant initially, but it significantly affects your decision to purchase the tree. You should buy a spacious tree structure if you have more than one feline. Additionally, check if it has an exit space or not. It will prevent one cat from getting stuck when the other blocks the entry door. After all, you should never underestimate sibling rivalry! 

Does your cat like to scratch? 

While purchasing cat trees, you can also check if it includes a scratching post or not! However, you must check your pet’s preference beforehand. Some felines will like vertical scratchers, while others might prefer arched or horizontal ones. To confirm it, you can give your cat a small scratching toy while it is lying on its belly and standing on its hind legs. 

Is the tree design matching your home’s interior decoration?

If you place the tree in your living room, you must ensure its aesthetics match your home. Beige-coloured furniture in a room with a dark wood interior will stick a sore thumb. Multiple carpeting designs and wood colours are available. Doing so will ensure that the cat tree seamlessly blends into your house. 

Wrapping Up

Did you know that, on average, a cat can jump 4 to 5 times its height? Perhaps, that’s why your pets like climbing furniture or hiding on top of cupboards. 

To provide your feline with a safe playing space, you can decide to buy cat trees online. However, you should ensure that the piece you have picked is the right fit for your home or not. 

Before investing money, check the tree height, aesthetics, structure, and other factors. 


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