5 Unique Flowers Decoration Ideas 

Flowers have been scientifically proven to uplift the mood of anyone instantly, plus they are a timeless symbol of love and beauty.  

They can transform any space and add a touch of elegance to any room in a second. If you’re looking for unique flower decorations that will turn your event /home into a flower oasis, you’ve come to the right place.  

This article will explore five unique ways to incorporate flowers into your decor, from stunning floral installations to eye-catching centerpieces.  

Here are five unique ways to elevate your decor with these stunning installations.  

  1. Floating Florals 

Floating arrangements can be show-stoppers for events and at-home decorations. Whether you go all out and create them in a pool or get a small shallow bowl and fill it with petals from your favorite flowers, floating florals are incredibly stunning and can add visual symmetry to any space. For this,  you can have flowers delivered straight to your doorstep thanks to flower delivery to point cook

Tip; balance and weight are critical components to creating floating florals to keep them from tipping over. For big floating florals, you can use several objects as the base; pool noodles, wreaths, hula hoops, and orbs are affordable alternatives. 

For smaller arrangements, grab some bubble wrap, wrapping it firmly around the stem of each flower if using one stemmed flower. Ensure the branches aren’t long enough that they touch the glass bowl.  

  1. Suspended Flowers 

Hanging flower arrangements are a unique and eye-catching way to add whimsy to your decor.  

To create a hanging flower arrangement, you’ll need a basket, planter, or wine bottles, as well as flowers and greenery of your choice. 

Fill the container with soil, water, or floral foam, then attach a wire or string to the top. Arrange the flowers and greenery in the container and hang it from the wire or string. You can hang multiple arrangements at varying heights to create a cascading effect. 

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate flowers while being eco-friendly, consider creating a wall of suspended bottles filled with dried or fresh flowers. 

  1. Flower Chandelier 

A floating chandelier is an incredibly unique way to incorporate flowers into your decor. Not only do they not intrude on valuable table space, but they make a great focal point for any room.  

Attach the flowers and greenery to the hoop or frame, using wire or string to secure them. Hang the chandelier above your dining table, dance floor, or other central areas to create a show-stopping centerpiece. 

Additional tip; depending on what type of flowers you go for, these could be peonies, anemones, or hydrangeas. To keep your flowers fresh, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle and dip them into clean water for about an hour. 

  1. Floral Garlands Centerpiece 

Another unique decor idea that you can incorporate is garlands. They can be hung across the home, from the bedroom door, along the entryway, or on the mantel. Here are a few ideas;  

  • The mantel is one of the few spaces usually left to fend for itself, design-wise. While you can get an art piece to make the space feel homey and cozy, a flower arrangement can easily inject life into your mantel, making it look brighter. Either get a flower arrangement that spans the length of the mantel and has flowers of varying sizes for a dramatic effect, or grab a big mason jar and fill it with a bouquet of your favorite flowers.  

Tip: flowers such as baby breaths, jasmine, and orchids make gorgeous garlands and wreaths.  

  1. Flower Centerpiece 

A centerpiece is the first thing your guests see. A floral table runner is a beautiful and elegant way to incorporate flowers into your table decor. You can elevate your table by choosing to fashion a runner of flowers made in various ways. These include;  

  • The first way you can do this is by making a floral table runner from floral foam. Grab a piece of floral foam and fresh/artificial or dried flowers. Next, cut the floral foam to the preferred size. Add in your flowers one at a time, making sure not to overstuff the foam.  
  • The second idea you could use is to get a couple of terracotta pots and fill them with flowers. This can also double as party favors for your guests at the night’s end.  
  • The third way you can create a floral centerpiece is by breaking out your tea cups and saucers and placing them on top of each other. Only place your cut flowers on the top cup. For the other two, grab some greenery and strategically place them. This is a unique centerpiece that doesn’t have too much going on.  

Tip: you can use any flower, from tulips for a more lush feel to sunflowers, hydrangeas, and roses for an exotic feel. 

Can I Use Fake Flowers To Decorate? 

This is all dependent on your taste. While fake/artificial flowers have come a long way from being tacky add-ons, some faux flowers have been crafted to look like real fresh flowers visually.  

If you’re not a stickler for having the smell of the flowers envelop your whole space, fake flowers will do just as well.  

Bottom Line 

Flowers are a unique and eco-friendly way of adding spice to any room indoors and outdoors. By incorporating some or all of our tips, you can create a unique and stunning space that your family /friends or guests will remember for years. So get creative and get ready to watch your rooms blossom. Image Source 

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