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5 Ways Of COFFEE PACKAGING That Can Drive You Bankrupt – Fast!

Would it be a surprise to know that coffee is the most drink beverage in the world? About 64% of Americans consume coffee every day. On average Americans drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily. So all this statistic shows that coffee is very important in our life. There is hardly anyone who wakes up without coffee. Most of them have coffee for breakfast or supper, it is a very helpful tonic to keep one awake when studying for exams. Thus to satisfy this overwhelming demand for coffee, money companies provide coffee.

Typically the coffee tastes the same be it from Nescafe or Mount Hagen. Plus from a grocery shelf, we can’t have an idea of what the coffee tastes like but can surely have an idea of the brand through its packaging. Packaging commonly plays the role of a brand ambassador. The packaging delivers the principles and goodness of your company and above all keeps the coffee fresh and preserved. It helps in playing a key role in the marketing of the product and guarantees that the coffee reaches its customers the way they deserve. So don’t take packaging as an afterthought. An ascended pouch with premium quality printing that uses eco-friendly material will surely compel a buyer to it but a packaging that is stooped over, not printed properly, having big air bubbles will surely lose its potential buyers.

To get the best quality packaging for your coffee brand, you can always go for H5 packaging, they can provide you with the best custom coffee boxes as they are one of the most experienced ones providing this service. They have a trained labor force that will always provide your order on time without any delay and the product till turn out to be just as you imagined. Apart from this brand, there are numerous other wholesalers present in the market too which can assist you in getting the desired packaging. But at the same time be aware of scams, following are some ways of coffee packaging that can drive you bankrupt fast, so you must avoid them.


Low-quality packaging

Coffee pouches made from foil are in use since the beginning, though they provide high-quality barrier properties yet they have grown outdated. Foil is low quality as after being bent or folded they often leave creases and folds that usually weaken and tears off a certain area. Yet it remains one of the most expensive materials of packaging. In its alternate metalized and clear film are incredibly strong, flexible, and cost less too. In a conclusion using foil will surely bankrupt you fast.

Packaging with poor gas valves

You might not know this but then coffee beans are roasted they give off a lot of carbon dioxide. If this gas remains in the bags it will be burst and the coffee losses its freshness too. Thus a packaging that does not have a one-way gas valve inserted into the coffee pouch will ruin the entire coffee and the money of both buyer and manufacture go to vain. The job of the valve is to let carbon dioxide escape while not letting oxygen in.

Similarly, the gas valves are also of two qualities the cheap ones and the good quality ones. The Swiss-made valves should be used though they are expensive they pay off for it. Chinese gas valves are cheap but at the same time don’t work at all and are a complete waste of money.

Low-quality printing

A packaging with good quality printing has the power to attract a buyer towards it. Even if the quality of a product is not very good but the outlook of the product is appealing a buyer wouldn’t mind laying his hand on such a product. But at the same time if low-quality printing has been used for your coffee packaging the buyer wouldn’t even mind thinking whether the quality of your coffee is good or bad. Unsynchronized font and font style, poor color scheme all are a part of low-quality printing which is heavy on your pocket but don’t pay back enough.

Non-biodegradable packaging

Nowadays people are very passionate about their planet since already much harm has been done to it they are mindful now that they don’t purchase anything that is not bio-degradable. Above all bio-degradable material are often cost-effective whereas the non-biodegradable material is expensive. Thus it would be beneficial to you as well as your planet if you use biodegradable packaging.

Poor protection/preservation

If the product inside the packaging has deteriorated it will surely lead to bankruptcy. For this purpose best option is to use zip-locked or sealed closures. They not only increase the shelf-life of the coffee but also help in maintaining the quality and safety of food. Other types of closures do not help protect against external influences.

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