5G B2B QoE

5G B2B QoE – RantCell vs LTE 4G/5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

Communication service providers (CSPs) focus on the B2B service experience or the B2B customers’ experience to monetize the 5G enterprise opportunity. Telecommunication service providers or CSPs use a component called BSS (business support system) to serve enterprise customers’ needs for maximizing their experiences with a large number of consumers. 

Now a question comes, why 5G, and what are its benefits for customer experience? 5G is a smart, and highly powerful network that can record videos in 4k and stream many different TV shows according to the requirements of varied customers. Some of the benefits of 5G are faster speeds, more bandwidth, and lower latency. So, now let us look into how 5G B2B QoE can be improved with RantCell compared to QoE 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and QoE RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester.


What is the expectation of enterprises / B2B customers from 5G?

Enterprises or B2B customers have high expectations from 5G as the network has a positive impact on business outcomes in terms of improved productivity levels, accelerated use of automation, better insight, better application performance, and the capability to provide new experiences for their own customers. Survey says the 5G B2B CX (customer experience) test is meeting enterprise expectations along with the pragmatic path forward for CSPs.  

Top 5 benefits of 5G:

  • Deliver real-time data insights to make the decision in a faster way
  • Increase efficiency of both field and remote workers
  • Speed up the use of process automation
  • Deliver advanced app performance
  • Create a new customer experience

When it comes to enterprise services, 5G is serving several industry verticals with offerings that go beyond connectivity, which means different services across varied industry verticals will provide more products, thereby generating high revenues in the market in a faster way. Thus, with 5G, many possible business opportunities among the thousands of potential use cases can be discovered.

For CSPs across the globe, improving customer satisfaction is the main aim, and to ensure this, telecom BSS will support good customer experiences and smooth customer journey features ever higher. Here, we must consider what’s different between 5G vs 4G and previous generations of mobile technology to know about the popularity of 5G. Manual touchpoints present challenges in the B2B customer experience (which will compound) as newer 5G services are enabled and such as network slicing becomes more common. Therefore, successful 5G monetization for B2B customers’ demands customer experience (CX) simplification, the agility to engage proactively, and intelligence to maximize revenue opportunities. 

The 5G B2B customer experience must improve

The BSS enabling enterprise agreements are something that needs to support efficient customer experience (CX), which enables successfully monetizing new services. For this, BSS must encourage enterprise interactions and frictionless experiences with some steps such as –

  • Intuitive customer engagement and partner employment systems.
  • Catalog-driven methodologies and exposure of catalog to partners.
  • Openness and accessibility for business customers, partners, and other integrated systems who are using TMF’s standardized open APIs.
  • Personalization, prediction, and targeting are automated by powerful analytics and AI.

So, to improve the B2B 5G customer experience in a meaningful way, we need to double down our focus on B2B customer experiences in an engagement-centric way. And this thinking is not only confined to the customer experience but also applied to partners who will be co-creating services, offers, and experiences with CSPs in the new telecom value chain.


The B2B customer experience on the 5G network can be improved with network testing and monitoring solution. Apart from the traditional testing method, a non-traditional 5G drive testing and indoor survey monitoring solution is the most convenient method provided with app-based solutions such as RantCell to measure Quality of Experience (QoE). With RantCell, you can improve the efficiency of 5G network testing and speed up your 5G Indoor and Outdoor deployments by employing various teams within your organization. Moreover, RantCell can automate all the tests remotely for checking coverage, quality of the network, etc.

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