7 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Time to Travel

7 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Time to Travel



Business experiences the four seasons, just like the rest of the population. The bulk of industry conferences takes place from August to October. However, spring is the best time to travel.

Industry conferences take place as the summer tourist season begins to end and before the Holiday season kicks into high gear.

Therefore, many companies book travel, lodging, and ground transportation months ahead to obtain the best rates and preferred options. 

August through October almost becomes a mandatory travel window for corporations. You can get good deals on luxury chalet rentals like Val D’Isere Chalets.

For example, the days become brighter and longer since the clouds start to fade away. Longer days help staff optimize their productivity. It also makes travel safer.   

The following are seven reasons why spring is the best time to travel for business.

1. It’s a Time of Renewal

Former baseball player and manager Rogers Hornsby used to look out his window in the winter and wait for spring. 

Athletes can hit the field again when the snow melts and play baseball, basketball, and football. 

A sense of renewal comes with spring for business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs. 

Therefore, it’s a great season to touch base with existing clients and sign up new ones. For example, if your company sends Holiday gifts to VIP clients, the gift doubles as a reminder that the organization appreciates the business relationship. 

In spring, the organization can touch base with them again through in-person visits from the sales teams. The sense of renewal can make it easier to sell upgrades, add-on services, or new products. 

2. Enjoy Travel Deals

Spring brings renewal and great travel deals. The month of April does see a spike in airline prices to destinations that host spring break. In addition, those locations will see higher lodging and ground transportation costs.

However, spring break doesn’t impact business travel in the same way it affects tourist travel.

Thus, corporate travel managers will find great deals, especially in March. 

Hotel Engine offers insight into other best times to book corporate travel. 

3. The Weather Improves

Although the seasons change, business travel does not stop. Corporations still send team members to receive training, close deals, and catch up with clients in winter and during the Holidays.

Sometimes that travel takes them to cities that experience snowfall, storms, and continuous rain, like New York City, Chicago, and Denver. Weather delay cancellations impact business travelers. 

One survey showed that these airports experienced the highest number of winter weather delays from December 2019 to February 2022:

  • Boston Logan Airport
  • Newark Liberty International Airport
  • O’Hare International Airport 
  • LaGuardia International Airport
  • Denver International Airport

Therefore, corporate travel managers and companies must plan an itinerary and some backups in case something goes wrong.

In spring, the threat of weather delays decreases. 

4. Avoid Tourist Season

As mentioned earlier, tourist season picks up for a bit during spring break. However, it drops back off in May. Generally, tourist season begins after Memorial Day, when schools start to let out for summer break.

Plus, the weather becomes warmer, and individuals migrate to comfortable temperatures based on their preferences. For example, New Yorkers in Manhattan tend to migrate to the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard.

Even though summer tourist season begins, corporate travelers continue completing business. However, they also start dealing with more crowded airports and hotels. 

Therefore, it’s worth skipping booking too many trips during the summer and moving them to spring.

5. Longer Days

After the winter solstice, the days start getting longer. However, the longer days become evident once the clouds give way to the sun in the spring. 

Longer days help staff become more productive. During travel, the extended sunlight also keeps them safe. Even the quietest neighborhoods can experience oddities when the days are shorter.

Sometimes training and development sessions for team members end at 5 pm. In the winter and fall, 5 pm is dark, whereas it’s bright in spring. Thus, team members can walk to their vehicles with a better sense of safety. 


Spring is an excellent time for travel, and companies can use it in their favor. The season offers great deals on airline prices, lodging costs, and ground transportation fees. It’s also safe since the days gain more sunlight. In addition, travelers will experience fewer weather-related delays. 

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