Baby shower

A Guide on Planning a Memorable Baby Shower


Baby shower

Baby showers are events that are a pre-celebration of the baby’s arrival. They are also a celebration of the beginning of the journey of motherhood for a mother.

The host’s planning of these events is done extensively to give the mother a memorable experience. This planning includes deciding on guests, baby gifts, decorations, and so on. Meanwhile, the pressure of being the host of a baby shower can sometimes get overwhelming. So here are some tips that will help you throw an amazing baby shower:

Deciding on a Venue

Deciding on a location for the baby shower is the first step for hosting a baby shower. Based on the preferences of the mother-to-be, you can choose a location.

Some mothers want a simple baby shower, in which case, hosting the baby shower at home is a good idea. Some mothers also prefer a grand celebration, in which case, you need to look for event halls that will match the aesthetic of the baby shower. The venue you choose should also accommodate all the guests and have ample space for decorations.

So, if you plan on hosting an outdoor baby shower, you need to check the weather conditions to make sure that there will be no rain or harsh winds. The venue should also be accessible to all your guests; that is, it should not be too far away. This reduced travel time will help preserve the energy of your guests so that they can enjoy themselves at the baby shower.


Having a theme for the baby shower adds to the joy of the celebration. These themes keep the event engaging as they require the active participation of the guests.

In most cases, mothers will decide what theme they would like to have. However, mothers also let the host decide on a theme. In such cases, you need to choose a theme to which the mother and her family can relate. The theme can be anything from pirate-themed to princess-themed. Meanwhile, it is essential to base your theme around subjects that the mother-to-be likes.

Choosing a theme lets you decide on the required decorations, baby gifts, refreshments, beverages, and so on.

You can also include fun activities and games related to the baby shower theme. Additionally, setting a dress code for the guests adds to the fun and enjoyment of the baby shower.

Setting a Budget

The most crucial part of planning any event is setting a fixed budget. This fixed budget allows you to plan all your baby shower requirements within your means. And as there are many expenses such as paying for the venue, decorations, gifts, invitations, etc., a fixed budget helps you organise your expenses.


Coming up with creative invitations is vital as these invitations are the first impression of the event that your guests receive. As such, if you have a theme for the baby shower, you need to specify all the required details regarding the theme to the guests so that no one misses out on dressing for the baby shower theme.

Sending out the invitations on time and according to the list provided by the mother-to-be is also an important task that needs to be carefully done to not miss out on any guests.

As baby showers are important events for the mother-to-be and her family, make sure that you do your best to give her a memorable experience!

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