Accelerated Management

Accelerated Management: A Crash Course in Management

Today’s fast-paced corporate world requires updated knowledge of the market and technology to grow. As organizations grow rapidly, they outgrow old knowledge and expertise. It becomes essential for the employees to learn and adapt to new management skills and expertise. Accelerated management has emerged as an answer to these requirements. It is a fast-paced program that helps working professionals develop new managerial skills. It helps them stay relevant and diversify their career. 


How is this different? 

A regular management degree has always been the go-to option for all experts in corporate sectors. So what’s the need for accelerated management? 

Based on the growing market scenario, there is a need for a program aimed at highly driven and emerging leaders who aim to steer the growth of their companies and achieve great success. 

Time Efficient 

The values of a good management degree are lost on no one. All leading companies prefer employees with the skills and knowledge of a management program. But most often people don’t want to spend their time on a course and want to gain work experience as soon as possible. 

Accelerated management condenses all the features of regular management and covers the same topics in half the time – six months or a year. 

This way, professionals don’t have to spend much time away from their fields. Some institutes like HSOL also offer this program online, so people don’t have to take time off from their careers. 


As the program is condensed, it is rigorous. It requires the candidates to give in their best. The trainees not only study and write assignments but also work in groups to solve real-life problems in their fields. Many institutes that offer these programs also ask the students to take up a summer job or internship. This teaches the skill of multi-tasking, which makes for a great leader. 

Features of accelerated management 

  • Unique integrated curriculum 

A good management acceleration program follows a well-rounded and unique curriculum. The curriculum includes updated business-specific tools and knowledge. At the same time, it focuses on teaching necessary analytical abilities such as better reading skills, time management, problem-solving skills, etc. It works well because it is designed by academics, entrepreneurs, and leading practitioners. Hence, it not just imparts theoretical knowledge but also focuses on application-oriented learning. 

  • Leading professionals as teachers 

Management accelerated programs have this unique feature: they only employ leading professionals from their fields to teach. For example, HSOL has faculty from Infoedge, McKinsey & Company, Levis Strauss, etc. They have on-the-ground experiences. They fully understand the struggles and solutions of working in a competitive industry. This simple factor allows working professionals to learn from the best.

Benefits of management acceleration

1. Makes you an all-rounder 

Knowing all fields in management to grow in your career is crucial. These programs are designed uniquely. They first teach essential functions of management to build a solid background. Then, they include highly-specialized knowledge in your chosen field to help you become the best. They focus on all facets of a sound management program – leadership, business, data, product, and marketing. 

2. Be a leader

As it is in the name, the program accelerates your management career. It gives you the skills and qualifications to ask for that leading promotion in your current job or switch companies to be a leader in the next one. And this is done quickly so that professionals do not lose precious time. 

3. Networking opportunities 

Michele Jennae once said, “Networking is not just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” This is precisely what accelerated management does. The program puts the best professionals in their fields in a shared space generating a wealth of ideas. 

Something for everyone

These courses are meant not just for working professionals who want to exceed in their organizations but also 

  • for budding entrepreneurs (who want a great crash course in management)
  • for impact makers (who want to learn and inspire)
  • for B school aspirants (who want to learn from the best cost-effectively)
  • for life-long learners (who wish to continue evolving and learning from the best)

Some of the tangible outcomes of participating in accelerated management come from internships, partnerships, and recruitments. 

  • Internships

A lot of accelerated management programs are taught by members of leading companies. Sometimes, these companies offer internships to people enrolled in these programs. 

  • Recruitments

As these programs deliver what they promise, hiring managers to know they can trust candidates with this degree to be efficient and hard workers. Even the institutes offering these programs have tie-ups with corporations. For example, HSOL, an online leadership school, offers an accelerated management program with a rich recruiter network. 

  • Partnerships

As candidates network with people from different fields, they generate new ideas and gain insights from one another. Most often, this leads to a tie-up among people with similar working styles leading to the emergence of a great work partnership. 

Accelerated management is a future-looking idea that is helping people from all spheres to advance in their careers and reach new heights. For a young generation from a developing nation like India, it is essential to encourage such programs that impart necessary skills to our workforce. 

Institutes like HSOL are offering Accelerated Management Programs with a great vision. Visit HSOL to learn more about the program. The six-month accelerated program is designed for in-demand roles and taught by world-class faculty with application-oriented learning and assured high-ROI placements.

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