Know About Gardening In Raised Beds

All You Must Know About Gardening In Raised Beds

Raised beds allow the gardener to garden in a small amount of space with various vegetables and plants. Raised bed gardening has gained huge popularity in recent years since many people who love gardening do not have proper soil availability. Rest bed gardening works on the principles of permaculture and allows gardening on low-quality soil or concrete regions.

Benefits of raised bed gardening

  • It helps the plants to grow irrespective of the soil in the region
  • The soil does not dry out quickly
  • It decreases the problem of soil compaction
  • The harvest is much better
  • The weed problem is much lesser
  • More plants can be adjusted in less amount to space
  • It is beneficial for elderly people as well as people with disabilities who cannot bend.

What to keep in mind when you are starting with raised bed gardening?

Placement of the garden

Once you have planned out the plants and the materials you will need for the raised bed, you need to work on the placement of the beds. The plant and the site selection will go hand-in-hand. The plants which will require more sunlight, their placement needs to be at a place where there is plenty of sunlight. The morning sun is better for the plants than the afternoon one, and therefore place your garden bed accordingly to get plenty of morning sunlight.

Garden bed size recommendations

The size that you choose of the raised garden bed will depend on the availability of space, soil conditions, yield requirements et cetera. The most common beds that people go for are either 3 feet X 4 feet or 3 feet X 3 feet. If you are planning to buy a raised garden bed, check out Vego Garden best gardening store.

The depth of the garden bed would depend on the kind of plant you are planning to grow. If you are growing a plant that needs dry soil, the requirement would be 12 to 18 inches of depth.


How much soil will be needed?

The best proportion of soil for raised garden beds is 70% garden soil and 30% organic compost. The soil in the garden bed must be kept moist. Hence it would help if you kept watering it regularly. This should be specially taken care of during the summer months. Do not overwater as it will cause loss of nutrients and hamper the growth of your plants. You can also add compost to allow for longer water attention.


Your garden raised bed kits should come with a proper drainage system. If the soil retains excess water, it can deprive the plant roots of oxygen. Therefore, the drainage system must be efficient.

What to grow?

When you plant the seeds in a raised garden bed, make sure that the tall plants grow in the centre while medium plants grow on either side. If you have short plants, keep them on the edges of the garden bed.


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