Bathroom Makeover Without Breaking Your Bank

A bathroom with rusty fixtures from the 80s can seriously damper your mood while starting a new day or indulging in some self-care. Most of your homeowner friends will tell you that fixing up a bathroom burns a hole in your pocket just like that. However, having the option to take baths in Sydney homes and relax after a tough day is too appealing.

If you want to remodel a bathroom on a budget, you must make a few wise choices. With the tips listed below, you can transform your bathroom from a moist, mildewy nightmare to a sleek sanctuary. Splurging on renovation is always an option, but you should know that going into a renovation project without a budget is a recipe for disaster.


Tips for a Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Heated Towel Bar

Imagine having a warm towel wrap yourself in every time you step out of the shower. That sounds like the best way to start a day. You may believe that investing in an electric towel warmer is the way to go, but no. What you need is some intelligent positioning of the towel bar. When installing the towel bar, please place it in the shower, preferably on the wall opposite the showerhead. This way, the steam from your shower will warm the towel. You will be grateful for the towel bar between June and August when Sydney’s temperatures hit 8°C and -17°C.

Floating Vanity

If you are tired of the pedestal sink in your bathroom, it’s time for something new. Replace the pedestal model with a floating vanity if you want a sophisticated and modern bathroom. You can opt for a simple design too. In the case of fixtures like this, less is more. Maybe a vessel sink and dark wood for storage spaces can make a tremendous difference to the bathroom. Be sure to consider such additions to your bathroom early in the remodelling because the rest of the layout might have to be altered.

Faucet Upgrade

Leaky and rusty taps are the first things you should eliminate to bring your bathroom back to life. Like everything else, there are expensive and attractive models of fixtures in the market, but they may need to fit in with the rest of your design. The easiest way to ensure that every fixture in your bathroom complements every other element is by opting for the simplest design. A minimalist faucet in chrome can give your bathroom a modern look effortlessly.

Soaking Tub

Are you starting over with your bathroom because you need baths in Sydney during December and January (when temperatures range between 19°C and 26°C), getting even the best of them, begging for a cool bath in the afternoon? If your home in New South Wales needs a bath, then consider freestanding baths. You don’t necessarily have to opt for a large one, either. Smaller tubs are en vogue, easier to clean, and better for your budget. If you insist on a bath large enough to stretch out during a soak, carefully consider all your options before installation.

Low-Flow Toilet

Considering how low the rainfall is in Australian states, conserving even a little water can go a long way. Start with a low-flow toilet in your bathroom. Installing one in your Sydney home can reduce your utility bill by at least $100. Apart from giving the bathroom a modern look, low-flow toilets increase the value of your property in the market.

Final Thoughts

Sydney suburbs host some of the sleekest houses on the continent. Why not start with your bathroom and gradually make your way to this list?

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