Become the Prom Queen with a Black Prom Dress

Black is the one colour that speaks a thousand languages. It is simultaneously vintage, modern, and timeless; it is elegant, sophisticated, and a classic choice. Wearing a black prom dress for one of the most memorable evenings of your life is, at once, a daring and safe move.

It enhances your pristine self and turns heads as you walk through the door. Additionally, black offers you the freedom to play dress up. If you are still unsure about adorning a black dress, this guide will list why you should wear it.


Black is the Only Black

Contrary to what the fan-favourite show Orange Is the New Black says, there was, is, and will always be only one black. While you can choose any colour as your prom date, black offers a unique flavour.

The 3C’s: Confident, Classic, and Chic

Black never goes out of style. Its timelessness and versatility defy the laws of time and eras. A prom is an informal, formal event and black is the perfect colour to honour the theme. A black dress exudes confidence. You can also switch it up during the after-party. For instance, if you wear a long flowy black dress to the prom, you can switch it with a chic and short black dress for the after-party at your friend’s house!

Match With Your Plus One

If you go to the prom solo, your personality and black dress are enough to steal the show. However, a black dress allows you to coordinate your outfits if you have a plus one. You can adorn heels and a blazer with your gown, and your date can show up in a sleek black shirt or another dress with a tie or purse.

Go All Out With the Accessories

Unleash your inner fashion designer or stylist with a black prom dress. If you love playing around with different jewellery items, a black dress is your chance to pump your creativity.

  • A pair of earrings: If you want your dress to share attention with your face, large, dangly earrings are an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you want to look classy and elegant, wear a pair of bright studs.
  • Hand Accessories: You can choose to decorate both hands by wearing a slim bracelet. However, a broad silver bracelet is powerful if you have a favourite hand. If bracelets are not your style, pick a simple watch with shiny, black straps.
  • Neckline: You can wrap a soft scarf around your shoulders to draw attention to your neckline. Alternatively, you can pair your black dress with a sleek red or silver necklace to accentuate your outfit.
  • Sweater: A sweater works two-fold. It keeps you warm and enhances your beauty. For summer prom or winter events, a cardigan is a strong choice. You can wear a long cardigan with buttons in the middle.
  • Purse: A handbag is an essential prom accessory. Carry a small bag with a clasp, or pick a vibrant purse for dramatic effect and contrast.
  • Footwear: Wear traditional pencils or high heels with your traditional prom dress. Nothing beats a long black dress with high black heels or a short black dress with pencil heels.

Wrapping Up

A black prom dress is a versatile choice for any event or occasion. It suits all accessories, body types, and complexions. You don’t have to discard it after prom; wear it to the following function.

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