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Benefits of Roof Waterproofing Services – Geo Membrane Sheet

So far, you’ve already known several great advantages of roof waterproofing services with geo membrane sheet, haven’t you?

We have the long warranty (15 years), the high durability (estimated at more than thirty years) with geo membrane sheet, the fact that it is a definitive roof waterproofing in Pakistan, in addition to letting you know that Roof Power ( , one of top waterproofing companies in Pakistan, serves your city.

Advantages of roof waterproofing services with Geo Membrane Sheet

But what else do this roof waterproofing services DHA offer as advantages? Let’s recap some points already mentioned in this post:

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  • No need to break anything : The waterproofing chemical in Lahore is applied directly to the existing surface
  • Precisely because of this, it has a much faster application than the so-called “traditional” methods, such as the asphalt blanket.
  • Because it doesn’t break, it also doesn’t generate huge amounts of rubble and dirt.
  • The finishing options meet the most varied types of project: from plain colors for technical areas, to the most sophisticated finishes, using mineral and/or synthetic aggregates, which imitate natural stones.
  • Does not add weight to the roof: it weighs about 3 kg per square meter
  • No refitting necessary: these waterproofing chemicals add about 3 to 5 mm of thickness to the surface
  • Easily repairable and modifiable during its lifetime

And there’s more, see other advantages of roof waterproofing Karachi with geo membrane sheet:

  • Approved for direct contact with drinking water according to Ministry of Health standards
  • Does not affect drinking water stored in reservoirs lined with the waterproofing system
  • See the result of the portability test carried out in a laboratory on the geo membrane sheet waterproofing applied by Roof Power
  • High resistance, which can be adapted to the most diverse types of industrial aggressors.
  • Climatic variations, following the contraction and shrinkage of concrete
  • Aggression from UV rays, without losing its waterproofing properties
  • Salt spray and corrosion
  • Pedestrian, vehicle and heavy-duty traffic, including trucks and forklifts;
  • Usage temperatures from -45 °C to 100 °C
  • Aggression imposed by a series of chemical agents

The downsides of waterproofing services in Islamabad with geo membrane sheet

Unfortunately, nothing has only advantages. It is also necessary to know the negative points of waterproofing services in Lahore with geo membrane sheet.

The good news is that they are not many, see:

The value is not very competitive in new works. If the roof is raw, there is not complete subfloor and also the floor, you will not get competitive prices with traditional methods. It happens if you have already a contractor and you will have the cost of waterproofing like the roll of waterproofing material.

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Important: This does not apply to renovations, in which you add the cost of traditional roof leakage waterproofing to a skilled workforce, in addition to the costs of demolition, removal of rubble, re-flooring (and sometimes reconstruction of concrete elements ), and more material and installation for a new floor.

Do you have problems with roof heat-proofing, bathroom leakage treatment, water tank waterproofing, basement waterproofing and bathroom and tiles waterproofing? The geo membrane sheet is also suitable for these waterproofing applications.

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