Best Events And Festivals Tourist Enjoy In Bern

National holidays stay one of the most options in Bern. Each of them is distinguished by an oversized variety of traditions and customs. January two is the day the locals celebrate the day of St. Berthold or the inspiration Day of Bern. Duke Berchtold V of Zahringen is considered the founding father of Town. This important event happened in 1191. To shield his possessions, the Duke determined to found a town on the bank of the stream Aare. The day of the Sex city’s introduction is the time for mass festivities in Bern. The celebration is in the course of varied performances, fairs, and children’s holidays.

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Top Events And Festivals In Bern


Bern Carnival

The Sex in Bern Carnival starts on a Thursday in February or March with the symbolic unharness of a bear command for 111 days within the jail Tower. The ceremony sees human participants, dressed as bears, being woken by drummer Ychueblete and free into the Old City.

Museum Night

Museum Night is an annual event that sees Bern’s museums open from weekday evening till one or 2 am on a weekday morning. The facades of many museums light, with guests seeing over forty museums on one price tag. 

Bern International Jazz Festival

The two-month-long Bern International fete attracts high jazz performers from everywhere. The pageant initially occurred in 1976 and has seen performances by Jazz greats like B.B. King, Michel Camilo, Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, vocalizer, and Etta James.

Bern Grand Prix

Bern Grand Prix is Switzerland’s largest running event. The ten-mile main course takes within the major attractions of Bern’s Old city, as well as the Bear Pit, Nydebbrucke, tower, hall, Escort Bern, and stream Aare. These 2 alternative courses: the previous MD (4.7 miles) for fun-runners and the Bears MD (1.6 miles) for kids. In total, the event attracts 25,000 runners annually.


The Gurtenfestival attracts bands from around the world and is one of Switzerland’s most famed music events. The Gurten Mountain, a quarter-hour to the south of Berne, is 864 meters high, about four hundred meters over Berne’s previous Town, and offers nice views of Bern, the range of mountains, and, therefore, the Jura. The Gurten additionally hosts the Gurtenfestival every July.

Bern Buskers’ Street Music 

The Buskers’ Street Music festival takes place in August annually. It sees the streets of Bern lined with impromptu stages and musicians, dancers, mimics, comedians, puppeteers, and acrobats activity at no cost.

Final Thoughts

From international extravaganzas to folk dance jamborees in small villages, Switzerland is one of the foremost stunning countries in the world. It has lots of festivals and cultural events. As a result, there are many nice things to try to do in Switzerland with children. However, this suggests that deciding the simplest time to go to Switzerland may rely upon the calendar of festivals. You may notice varied tiny stalls and occasional outlets next to Town’s main streets and squares. These are where guests will heat up and drink delicious native brewage.

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