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Best Online Microbiology Undergraduate Courses

Medical Microbiology deals with living microbes within the human body. Just like the living cells and tissues of the human body, these microbes too function in a definite pattern and produce a wide range of actions within the body. By studying Microbiology, an MBBS aspirant can not only gain the ability to make clinical decisions but also suggest measures that will prevent them from facing problems in the future. With an in-depth understanding and extensive knowledge of this subject, a student can understand the nature and cure of infectious diseases, the most common types of diseases. A Microbiology Course for Undergraduates done with the help of quality content helps a student meet the basic learning goals like doing well in university exams, cracking post-graduation entrances, and applying acquired knowledge and skills for intensive patient care. 

What is included in the second-year Microbiology course?

The microbiology course in MBBS is divided into 6 modules. Module 1 includes General Microbiology -theory and practical. Module 2 consists of Immunology. Module 3 has Systemic Bacteriology and Mycology. Virology and Parasitology are included in Module 4. Module 5 consists of theory and practical of Applied Microbiology and module 6 consists of miscellaneous topics of Microbiology. An aspirant desirous of specializing in Microbiology in near future and likely to opt for higher degrees is the probable one who put extra effort into exploring Microbiology on a broader scale. 

Scope for Microbiology students after MBBS- 

Before researching the scopes for Microbiology, it is advised that a student form an extensive understanding of Microbiology course details. Going through the details at the onset of the semester would help a student take crucial decisions about books to invest in, strategy for preparation, form a timetable for mastering new concepts as well as revising the old ones, and whether to opt for online Microbiology course or not, etc. After a student has created a strong foundation of knowledge and practical skills, he or she can choose a profession that is related to conducting research, collecting samples, providing lab services, developing drugs, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products, investigating case studies as a part of medical research, maintaining records at healthcare institutions and monitoring activities at the lab. A few of the career options are – biotechnologist, food technologist, biomedical scientist, clinical and laboratory technologist, medicinal chemist, technical brewer, immunologist clinical scientist, an associate of a clinical researcher, water quality analyst, ecologist, environmental engineer, forensic specialist, marine biologist, nanotechnologist, microbiologist and biomedical scientist. Microbiology course scopes are ample. Whatever career path a Microbiology student decides to pursue in the future, one has to remember that higher studies in the respective field and the ability to convert theory-based knowledge and skills into practical cases – define the amount of success he or she will amass.  

How much difference does an online Microbiology course bring? 

An undergraduate student has to study Microbiology during the second year. In order to pursue a Microbiology Course and master it successfully, a student needs to follow a standard Microbiology book. Students believe that the subject can be easily managed by mugging up facts and figures. This is an extremely wrong approach, and should never be preferred by an aspiring MBBS doctor or a future Microbiology specialist. Rather the students must put year-long focus and seek help from online Microbiology courses if needed. Students can approach online lectures by eminent faculty like Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology Course that cover both theory and practical knowledge. They can subscribe to courses that cover important, relevant and concise information, doubt-clearing sessions, and lecture notes containing HD illustrations and diagrams. Students can choose to solve exam-based MCQs and long questions as well. Hence, by following a standard Microbiology book and an online Microbiology course simultaneously, an MBBS student can master this subject easily.  

Microbiology as a subject is very much in demand for today’s medical horizon. To master it, on one hand, a student needs to devote adequate time and effort, on the other hand, the right guidance by experts is needed for a flawless prep strategy. Opting for study material that contains information in a precise format, which is not time-consuming to learn, can be retained and recalled at the right time.

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