5 Best Online Mutual Funds Investment Plan Platforms – 2022

5 Best Online Mutual Funds Investment Plan Platforms – Best Online Mutual Funds Investment Plan Platforms: As we all know that investing in mutual funds is one of the best ways to grow money in the long run. And thanks to some of the best mutual fund applications in India, tracking, managing, and investing in various mutual fund schemes have recently become very fast and easy. Moreover, you can do all these activities in just one application.

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Whether you are ready to invest in regular funds or go directly to mutual funds, the Google Play Store has several cellular applications for mutual fund investments that provide profit and sales benefits at your fingertips. Moreover, if you plan to invest in funds directly through this application, they can also help you save additional commission ranging from 1% to 1.5%, which are major benefits.

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Investing in mutual funds using a mutual fund application is very easy. In this article, we have enlisted 10 top mutual fund applications in India, along with their rankings and detailed reviews. Let’s check them out and find the best mutual fund application in India that best suits your investment.

Stock investing indeed involves a high degree of complexity. This is the reason why most investors distance themselves from this investment channel despite being aware of its exceptional performance of this investment channel. The concept of Mutual Fund has been introduced to make everything easy.

In this type of investment, the particular mutual fund scheme is allotted by the fund manager, who decides on the stocks where the accumulation of funds will be invested. And there are no particular shares, but a collection of shares are chosen to provide good returns. Different types of mutual funds include equity or growth funds, debt mutual funds, liquid funds, hybrid funds, and much more.

Because mutual fund investing is quite affordable as people can start investing with just 100 numbers, the best mutual fund application in India chosen should reflect the same level of strength. This can be done by offering a wide assortment of mutual fund schemes to the investors, who can decide where to invest.


What are Direct Mutual Funds?

Mutual Rexa Direct Vs.: Since the beginning of 2013, SEBI has created two versions of the scheme (or indirect schemes), each direct and regular scheme for all mutual fund houses.

You can invest directly in the AMC Mutual Fund scheme at a low cost in direct schemes. Direct packages are cheaper than regular plans as you will save costs regarding intermediary commissioning. If you look at both the schemes, the difference in return seems to be as low as 0.25%, which may increase by 1%. In the long run, this difference produces a significant amount. Hence, it is clear that you should always invest in the direct scheme of mutual funds.

5 Best Online Mutual Funds Investment Plan Platforms:

Out of hundreds of mutual fund investment applications listed in the Play Store, we have handpicked the seven best mutual fund applications for direct investment. The following is a list of the most efficient mutual fund applications for Indian investors.

1. Groww – Direct Mutual Funds App

Grow App is one of the fastest-growing Indian Mutual Fund Industry applications. And the credit goes to the clean user interface. This application helps to invest in mutual funds for free and is very easy to use with minimum documents and no complexity.

All mutual fund information is available in just one investment application. Like the application listed above in this article, the Grow application also allows everyone to invest directly in mutual funds with zero commission and provides additional savings of up to 1.5%+ compared to regular plans.

Main features:

  • Simple, introductory, and expert design with expert
  • Dashboard to track all investments, annual returns, and annual returns
  • Top List of Mutual Funds for Various Categories with Latest News and Financial Insights

2. ETMONEY Mutual Fund App

ETmoney was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who were enthusiasts, ITIs, and designers with in-depth expertise in technology, cellular, and financial services. Associated with a big economic brand, this mutual fund application is everything investment target that helps track and manage expenses using expense managers; mutual funds invested through SIP or LUMPSUM, ELSS Saves tax with SIP in the soup, etc.

3. myCAMS Mutual Fund App:

MyCams is a single gateway to investing in multiple mutual fund schemes. This application provides a fast, easy, and smart way to transact funds directly. MyCAMS has various features, including cellular PIN and login pattern, displaying your MF portfolio, opening new folio, buying, redeeming, switching, SIP, and more. It also helps in scheduling a transaction option that allows investors to set up future mutual fund transactions, which makes it one of the best applications for mutual funds.

4. KFinKart – Investor Mutual Funds

The main objective of this application is to ease the customer journey in Mutual Funds. It is a one-touch login application that empowers you to invest in multiple mutual funds and provides you with a new way to invest your money.

It emphasizes a single approach to your investments, managing profiles, making decisions, and making transactions quickly, without the need for some of the applications offered by different houses. The uniqueness of this application is that adding and tracks your family’s followers in AMC, invests in NFOs, transacts or reestablishing transactions, starts or stops SIPs, etc.

5. Zerodha Coin

In my opinion, Zerodha Direct is one of the best applications to invest in mutual funds. They provide investment services in over 3,000 direct commission mutual funds across 34 households. It can help save 1-1.5% more per annum compared to regular mutual funds. With over 1.50,000 investors who have invested more than 2500 Cr and collectively saved 30+ Cr in commission, Zerodha Coins has built a huge brand and customer base.

Key features of the App:

  • Discover over 3,000 mutual funds instantly, and buy over 3,000 mutual funds at 34 AMCs.
  • Details and complete of Single Capital Profits, P&L Visualization, and Annual Return (XIRR).
  • Mutual funds are held in Demat form; thus, it is easy to mortgage securities as collateral for loans.

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