Bikinis: Prepare To Visit The Beach Soon

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Female bathing costumes have come a long way from the modest one-pieces of the 1920s and the introduction of the bikini in the 1940s. And, luckily, they’ve improved dramatically over the years in terms of flattery. Meanwhile, in today’s world, the possibilities are almost limitless. So, when selecting the perfect Australian bikini, where do you even begin?

Bikinis and swimsuits come in various styles, from one-pieces to two-pieces, and this guide will show you how to choose the ideal style for your body type. Nevertheless, you might require a bikini quite frequently since Australia has over 12,000 beaches and let alone swimming pools.


Upperwear for Bikinis


A bandeau is a form-fitting top consisting of one piece of cloth that wraps over your chest securely. Also, underwire support is available in specific styles. However, this design is better suited to women with smaller busts, such as rectangular or pear body shapes.


The asymmetrical design gives some interest to an otherwise simple bikini. As such, the one-shoulder offers more support than a bandeau, but for some, it may still be insufficient. Meanwhile, pear shapes look their best in this style since it emphasises the upper body.


Halter tops exist in various styles, but they always include ties or clasps to fasten them around the neck. As a result, women with hourglass and apple body types will benefit from the style’s added coverage and enhanced breast support.

An insider’s tip: For more control over lift, use a tie-style halter top.


The “trikini” term comes from the two triangle-shaped pieces of cloth that cover each breast on the triangle bikini top. As such, this is one of the most iconic bikini silhouettes and looks great on practically any body type.


A bikini top with an underwire offers the most support for your breasts if that’s what you’re seeking. Meanwhile, the shape of this swimsuit type is similar to that of a typical bra, and many of them may be bought based on your bra cup size.


The extended length of a longline bikini top sets it apart from other styles. And, as a swimsuit version of a crop top, it’s a great choice. Besides, it’s a fun alternative to the typical bikini, and it offers a bit more coverage and support than the classic design. Furthermore, people of any body type may wear it. However, women with pear and rectangular-shaped body types should wear it to bring attention to their upturned faces.


An attractive compromise between a standard bikini top and a one-piece bathing suit is provided by the tankini. And, it’s possible to get one-pieces that cover your bikini bottoms completely, while some are just a little bit shorter. So, if you want to hide your stomach but like the freedom of a two-piece, this design is perfect for you.


Remove the tankini’s straps to create a bandini, which exposes more of the wearer’s midriff. Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to get a bandini with built-in support if your body type is apple, hourglass, or inverted triangle.

Bottom Wear for an Australian Bikini

Tight Pants With a High Waist

In comparison to standard bikini bottoms, high-waisted swimwear places more emphasis on your midsection. And some pierce the midsection just below or over the belly button, while others go all the way up to their bust. This look is great on everyone, but it works particularly well on hourglass and apple body shapes since it draws attention to the narrowest region of the waist.


The “skirtini” bikini bottom is so named because it has an extra layer of cloth on the bottom that resembles a skirt. And although it comes in a range of lengths and patterns, this additional fabric is generally loose and considerably shorter than a standard skirt. So, those looking for more excellent covering on their butts and thighs will like this choice. Besides, it is a good option to compliment the top wear, and one needs to only wear them to beaches and swimsuits and can also wear them on a casual basis on a hot summer day.


The boy’s short bikini bottom is created by cutting regular shorts to a shorter, more form-fitting length. While some have higher waists than others, most of them end at the upper thigh for women. As such, this look is ideal for those with rectangular faces because of its shape-flattering properties. They’re also helpful for water activities since they give additional protection.


This type sometimes referred to as a “string bikini”, alludes to the ties used to keep the suit in place. It comes in various levels of coverage and may be customized in terms of tightness and size by the user. And because of its adaptability, it’s ideal for people of different body shapes.


With its thin vertically-banded fabric covering just a little piece of your butt, this swimsuit bottom is also known as the Brazilian type of swimsuit bottom in certain circles. It’s popular among people who wish to flaunt their assets on the rear, but it’s also helpful in preventing tan lines. As such, the G-string bikini is the ultimate form of this. It is one of the most common types of bottom wear seen in an Australian bikini and is perfect for Australia’s pleasant coastal weather and beaches.

So hopefully, this article helped. And, happy shopping for bikinis!


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