Boost your Instagram presence

Boost your Instagram presence

We appreciate Instagram. It’s the last vestige of Mark’s credibility. We give you some pointers for increasing visibility.

One of the channels with the quickest growth right now is Instagram. More than 71% of the brands are already using it, and its usage is strongly connected.


Here are some figures about Instagram usage:

  • 1 billion active users each month.
  • With a 10% difference from the male audience, there are more female viewers.
  • Every day, 95 million photographs are published.
  • Photos make up 91% of the content.
  • 58 times more interaction with each follower than on Facebook.
  • More than a thousand remarks every second
  • 4.2 billion or more likes every day
  • Video receives 38% more engagement than images do.
  • On Instagram, 80% of users follow brands.
  • In relation to brands…

How can you increase your Instagram visibility?

1.Make use of user-generated content Instagram users are very engaged.

Use the material that other people provide to draw people to your account if you are able to create a community that is active. We like to be acknowledged, which is basic psychology.

Additionally, it will enable us to produce content without using a lot of resources. It is evident that you must maintain the image and that your account adheres to consistent graphic standards. This implies that you keep things simple and avoid uploading anything.

It is evident that nothing will serve you better than creating content with the help of your community and involving them. Communities are ultimately about that.

2.Correctly use hashtags

It’s not about labeling stuff. Be impolite. It involves determining which hashtags will increase your reach (which by default will tend to be very low, we already know what is happening in the networks owned by Facebook).

If there is a lot of competition for the hashtag #Love and a lot of material created around it, it won’t help you and will only draw bots, who are uninterested in creating an active community. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a hashtag that is more specialized, and active, but not overflowing with material, you will undoubtedly reach more people and grow your following as a result of that hashtag.

There are various tools for this; Displaypurposes and Hashtagify are two of our favorites.

3.Properly connect Stories to the feed

Both to the left and the right. Although the standard new post tale is frequently seen, it must also be used from the other viewpoint. Why not use a feed post to highlight fresh information in stories? 

Of course, avoid using the same image; instead, attempt to link it in a different way, such as by creating a teaser from a story if a new post is available. Create a synopsis of what you’re likely to find from the feed if there is a fresh sequence of stories (better than simply one).

Make the ideas your own, but don’t pass up the chance to hunt for linkages and try to improve reach in all formats, including Reels, the feed, and Stories.

4.Entertainment comes first, then business

Today, what is Instagram? It is a channel for amusement. No matter what, This indicates that entertaining your audience must be your main goal. 

We can plainly see that businesses that are able to amuse their customers in some way enjoy considerably higher engagement and organic reach than those that are attempting to force their will through the use of goods, services, discounts, etc.

And it makes sense to consider how you use for Instagram views before attempting to influence others to do the same. Voila! It functions.

Don’t use them as an excuse; instead, start by learning which accounts now have the highest interaction and why.

5.Continue to seek out new formulas

You won’t succeed in content or a line of material on your first try. Not the latter. Not even the eighth, probably. Don’t compromise when you finally obtain it. Keep an eye out for fresh formulas. 

As you look for fresh executions that produce results, continue to expand the boundaries of what currently works for you. You will only acquire loyal audiences after that. Nothing is worse than a casual hearing.

6.Test layouts

When surveys are released in Stories, use them right away. The same issues are raised by the questions. Surprising is one of the components of content that produces results. You won’t be astonished if you wait until everyone else has used a format before using it yourself. Memes are the same. The difficulties are the same. 

Be as flexible as you can and incorporate new features as quickly as you can. You might not see results with IGTV, but keep trying because you are aware that there is no shortcut on Instagram.

7.Spend money on advertising wisely

As long as your material makes sense and you have an audience that confirms this, advertising is a good strategy to expand and profit from your success. When your content efforts require more fuel, don’t skimp on your investment in sponsored social media.

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