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How To Make Your Cake Boxes Look Amazing In Just Ten Days



Bakery goods, especially cakes, are sold worldwide at a fast rate. People with cravings and people who have a sweet tooth all contribute openly to buying bakery products. While a lot of these cakes are showcased in bakeries and food shops as well as cafes, a lot of them are also homemade. With the increase of want for baked cakes of different types, people who know how to bake have started their businesses.

In the last year, with the arrival of coronavirus, people stayed at home and brainstormed ideas to start their businesses. And selling homemade cakes was a splendid idea. And if you are one of the bakers who have just launched their home-based business, you might want to find out the tips and hacks you need to follow to gain a more loyal following and customer base. There are many ways in which you can improve since improvement never runs out of style.

Different Ways To Improve Your Baked Cakes Business

  • By perfecting the quality of your products
  • By perfecting the perception of customers about your products.

Now you must be wondering how you can change someone’s perception of your goods? You can do that by putting a great impression of your brand out for them to catch on to. And there are many ways in which you can do that. But one of the greatest ways to do that is by changing your packaging boxes entirely and instead of getting some custom cake packaging boxes for your brand.

Changing the Perspective of your Customers with Customized Boxes

A food packaging box is supposed to hold a lot in it. It isn’t just a box that you will put your goods in and expect them to sell out. This box needs to have a good appearance, better representation, and identity, and all the other factors that will contribute in a positive way towards your brand. It is natural for a customer to judge your brand and business with its looks. And since you are not handing out your cakes without packaging, your boxes will be the ones getting judged. This is why you need to up your game and step into the bigger picture.

 It isn’t difficult at all to create something splendid for your customers. Nowadays, you might have seen the hype about new types of cakes. They have colorful frostings and are beautifully decorated. Now, it would be a shame if those beautiful and delicious-looking cakes were sold in boxes that we’re unable to make as good an impression or protect your cakes from any type of harm. This is why a proper cake box design is needed. And here is how you can make your cake boxes look amazing. If you change their perspective then it is good for your product. These boxes will do wonders for you in retail.

Customize In Less Than Ten Days!

Several packaging companies will help you through with this plan. You will need to research and locate the nearest company and make sure they offer everything you need, negotiate the prices, and settle a deal. Next things you will need to do in the following week or so are:

  • Choosing the best possible material for your cake boxes. We all know that cakes are extremely fragile to handle. They have a frosting over them that needs to be taken care of or else it will get messed up and that will put an end to the sales. Other than that, cakes are food products. A food product requires as much care and hygiene as possible. Choose an eco-friendly material to create the boxes out of.
  • Keep in check the shape and sizes of your cake packaging supplies. They need to be big enough to fit the cakes in and spare some space so the frosting doesn’t get smudged by any chance. You can try customizing different shaped boxes for special order deliveries of your cakes to spice things a little!
  • It is time for the fun part! Choose a design to go on your boxes. You can choose any illustration or print that you wish to put onto your packaging boxes and have it printed with the amazing modern printing technologies companies have nowadays. This will make your cake box bulk look a little more interesting and creative. And will change the way people see your brand. Nobody wants to waste their money on brown boring boxes with no identification or representation to them. When you give them something fun to buy, they automatically will!
  • Not every company is a famous one, but one should always work towards making it famous. The first step in raising awareness about your brand and marking your path is to promote it. You should create a logo for your cake business and print them out onto your boxes or have them embossed. This will give those cakes a personalized angle for people to look at. They will no longer see them as cakes but as cakes of your brand specifically and you can gain fame through that.
  • You can ask for extra services from your packaging manufacturers if you are ready to invest more money in the creation of your custom cake boxes. There are lamination, foiling, and other such services that you can get done maybe for special deliveries if not for all of them. Or you can get cute-shaped windows cut out in these boxes for your customers to see through at your cake goods.


All of these things can be done in less than 10 days. Your packaging manufacturers will follow through with everything you ask them to do. Without further hesitation, you should throw away your old packaging boxes and start fresh with your custom-made boxes once they arrive. Once you order them, it will be only a matter of time before your brand gets a new face and identification to it. You better get ready to receive more orders than before because your cake containers will be catching the attention of customers left and right!

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