Can I add More Linksys Velop Modes?

Of course, you can! You can add more nodes to your existing Linksys Velop System depending on the needs of your WiFi.

“But, I have a small house with two bedrooms, a kitchen, drawing room, store room, and small patio. No terrace garden, no backyard, no lobby, no balcony”.

Then one Linksys Velop node is enough! If you have a big house with terrace, backyard, floors, etc. then also you cannot add more than three nodes to your Linksys Velop system.

“Ok, understood! Suppose I buy three nodes for my home, then are they compatible with each other. I mean, will they work together?”

Yes, they are! If work well together if placed in reach of each other.

“How close can I place them?”

Not more than 50 feet and not below than 30 feet.

But, for you, as you have said that you have a small house, please add only a single Linksys Velop node.

“How can I connect the node to my Linksys Velop system”?

Using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly!

“Yes, you were right! Only one node is enough! Thank you! But, my Velop’s WiFi signals drops frequently. What should I do?”

If your Velop’s WiFi signals drops frequently then make sure that you have configured it properly and the nodes are firmly connected.

“I think I have”!

Please be sure! Chances are that your Linksys Velop is not configured properly and you have not connected the node in a proper manner and that is why you are getting WiFi-connectivity issues.

“So, what can I do”?

Reset and reconfigure your Linksys Velop system!

“Reset will erase all the settings of my device like Linksys Velop login and so on”!

So, you can take the back up of your Velop settings!

Once you have the backed up settings in hand, you can reset your Linksys Velop.

“How can I reset my Linksys Velop?”

  • Locate the reset hole on your Linksys Velop.
  • Press it gently using a pin.
  • Hold and release upon holding it for some time.
  • Your Linksys Velop resets successfully.

Now, you can take the plunge to reconfigure the Linksys Velop:

“And, how would I do that”?

  • Right off the bat, make sure your Linksys Velop is getting a steady power supply.
  • The Velop must be placed within reach of your existing router or modem.
  • Ensure that the LEDs on your Velop system are stable.
  • Once all the above-mentioned clear, open a web browser of your choice.
  • Enter in the address bar.
  • Press Enter and you will be taken to Linksys router login window.
  • Provide the default login details of your device here and click Log In.

That’s it! You are almost done! Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the configuration process of your device in minutes.

“The on-screen instructions! Why can’t you provide me here?”

Why worry! You provide the Velop’s model and get the Velop setup instructions.

Don’t worry! 99% of the Linksys Velop setup process is done already. Rest 1% left will be completed shortly by following the instructions as per the model you have.

“Well, that sounds easy”!

Yes, it is!

After configuring the Velop device, don’t you want to make the most out of it?

“Yes, of course! How would I do that?”

By updating its firmware!

“And, how do I do that”?

You will get a notification right after setting it up. Just do what the displayed page instruct you to do and the firmware on your Velop system will get updated.

“Do I have to update the firmware on my Linksys Velop only for once”?

No, whenever you get notification to do so, just like your PC, laptop, mobile devices, and so on.

“Just one more question”?

Without hesitation, lay it on us!

“What can I do if my Linksys Velop starts performing slow or not giving the internet range as expected?”

For this, you can power cycle or restart your Linksys Velop. You can perform this not only if you get issues with your device, but also to give it a rest.

“To restart it, I have to turn it off, right?”

Yes, keep the Linksys Velop device unplugged for 5-10 minutes.

Then, turn it on and wait for the LEDs on it to become stable.

Finally, our article comes to an end. If you have anything to ask, drop it into the comments section. Apart from this, please share with us, how many nodes to you add to the Linksys Velop system.

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