Current affairs 12th November 2018 : Daily GK update


Current affairs 12th November 2018: Daily GK update

Current affairs 12th November 2018
Current affairs 12th November 2018

Q.1 On which day world science day celebrated for peace and development?

Ans . 10 November 2018.

Q.2 In recent who has been appointed as the chairman of competition commission of India?

Ans. Ashok Kumar Gupta.

Q.3 On which day Uttrakhand celebrated its 18th foundation day?

Ans. 9 November 2018.

Q.4 In recently, Who has been appointed as the chairman of the electric carmaker Tesla?

Ans. Robyn Denholm.

Q.5 Who has won the fourth annual ‘Breakthrough junior challenge’ for 2018?

Ans. Samay Godika.

Q.6 In recent at which place The global IT challenge for youth with disabilities, 2018 was inaugurated?

Ans. New Delhi.

Q.7 In recently, with which country India have started 25th edition of SIMBEX in Andaman sea?

Ans. Singapore.

Q.8 At which place the ‘Women of India National Organic Festival 2018’ has been organized?

Ans. New Delhi.

Q.9 Which district renamed as Ayodhya by CM of Uttar Pradesh in recently?

Ans. Faizabad.

Q.10 How much fund approved by Bihar government for the education of the graduate girls?

Ans 25000Rs.



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