Current affairs 21th November 2018 : Daily GK update

Current affairs 21th November 2018: Daily GK update

Current affairs 21th November 2018
Current affairs 21th November 2018

Q.1 Which Union Ministry will develop Industrial Park Rating System to assess industrial parks in India?

Ans. Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Q.2 In recently, Who launched the Ease of Doing Business Grand Challenge?

Ans. Narendra Modi

Q.3 Which of the following words has been chosen ‘Word of the Year 2018’ by Oxford Dictionaries?

Ans. Toxic

Q.4 Who bagged the Sumitra Charat Ram Award for Lifetime Achievement in New Delhi?

Ans. Amjad Ali Khan

Q.5  In recently where 12th Meeting of India-UK Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism was held ?

Ans. New Delhi

Q.6 In recently,  Who launched AirSewa 2.0 to make air travel hassle-free?

Ans. Suresh Prabhu.

Q.7 Who was elected as the President of Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)?

Ans. Raghu Ram

Q.8  The 26th General Conference on Weights & Measures was held in which city?

Ans. Versailles

Q.9 William Goldman, the Oscar-winning screenwriter and novelist has passed away. He was from which country?

Ans. United States

Q.10 Ireland’s Isobel Joyce and Cecelia Joyce announced their retirement from which sport on 18th November 2018?

Ans. Cricket.


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