Current affairs 28th October 2018 : Daily GK update

Current affairs 28th October 2018 : Daily GK    update


Q.1The name of the first female foregian fellow who has elected by the Australian Academy of Technology and engineering?

Ans. Kiran Mazumdar.

Q.2 In recent for which literature book Malayalam author Benyamin has got JCB prize?

Ans. ‘Jasmine Days’

Q.3 Bihar chief Minister Nitish kumar at which place inaugurated the 49th anniversary celebration of the Vishwa shanti stupa?

Ans. At Ratnagiri Hills in Nalanda district.

Q.3 In recent , At  which place the first trilateral meeting between india, Afganistaan and iran of the coordination council of the chabahar Agreement took place?

Ans. Tehran

Q.4 In which city NATO’s military exercise ‘Trident Juncture 18’ has been started?

Ans. Norway

Q.5 In recently ,who’s west indies player has announced his retirement from international cricket?

Ans. Dwayne Bravo

Q.6 What will be the indian rank in the world’s aviation market around 2024 according to the international Air Transport Association?

Ans. Third

Q.7 In recent, which American novel voted best-loved by all world readers?

Ans.’ To kill a Mockingbird’

Q.8 From which dates supreme court banned the sell & registration  of motor vehicles conforming to the emission standard Bharat stage-IV in the entire country?

Ans. April 1,2020

Q.9 In recent ,Which product has been banned By punjab goverment which are used in the state to control a wide variety of weeds in almost all crops.

Ans. Glyphosate (Herbicide)

Q.10 Who has been won Miss Deaf Asia 2018 title?

Ans. Nishtha Dudeja.

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