Designing Your Living Room Around an Australian-Made Sofa

Designing Your Living Room Around an Australian-Made Sofa

From early settlers who crafted furniture from native timber to modern designers who are inspired by the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, Australia has a unique and vibrant furniture industry. And it is reflected in the quality and style of Australian made sofas

After all, they are the centrepiece of your living room, and choosing them can give your home a unique touch and support local artisans and businesses. They are made with high-quality materials and crafted with a level of attention and care to detail that is hard to find in mass-produced furniture.

The cost ranges from 500 to 2200 dollars, depending upon the type and size. For instance, a two-seater sofa can cost around 500 whereas a six-seater is 2200. When designing your home with this piece of furniture, there are a few things to consider to make the most of your investment.

Consider Your Space and Style: Before purchasing, consider the size and style of the living room. Measure your space to ensure that the sofa you choose will fit comfortably and leave enough room for other furniture pieces.

Think about your preferred style and how your new furniture complements your decor. Australian made sofas are available in various styles, from classic to modern, so you can look for one that suits your taste.

Add Contrast and Texture: They can be the perfect canvas for adding texture and contrast to your living room. Consider layering them with cushions and throws in different textures and patterns. It adds interest to your space and makes them feel more comfortable and inviting.

If they are upholstered in a neutral colour, consider adding bold and bright accents to make them stand out. It can include colourful cushions, patterned rugs, or eye-catching artwork.

Create a Cosy Ambiance: Your sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s also a place to relax and unwind. Add warm lighting and soft textures to create a cosy ambiance in your living room. It can include floor lamps, candles, and soft blankets.

You can also use plants to add a touch of nature to your living room. Not only do plants improve the air quality in your home, but they also add colour and life to your space.

Play with Patterns: Patterns add visual interest and depth. You can play with patterns by adding patterned cushions or choosing furniture with patterned upholstery. Ensure that the patterns you choose complement each other and don’t clash with other patterns in your space.

Mix and Match Materials: Mixing and matching materials can add texture and create a layered effect in your living room. For example, you can pair a leather sofa with a fabric armchair or a velvet sofa with a jute rug. It adds visual interest and creates a more comfortable and inviting space.

Make it Multifunctional: You may need to make the most of your space if you have a small living room. You can do this by selecting a multifunctional sofa. Many sofas come with built-in storage or can be easily converted into a bed. It allows you to maximise your space and use them for multiple purposes.

If you have a larger room, you can create separate areas for lounging and entertaining by choosing a modular sofa. It allows you to rearrange them to suit different occasions and gives you the flexibility to create a new look for your living room whenever you like.

Final Thoughts

By considering your space and style, adding texture and contrast, creating a cosy ambiance, and making it multifunctional, you can create a living room that is stylish and functional. Not only do Australian made sofas provide superior quality and craftsmanship, but they also support local artisans and businesses. By choosing to invest in them, you are positively impacting the local economy and supporting sustainable practices in the furniture industry.

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