Detail of NOC approved housing societies in Islamabad


When a new housing project is launched in the market, the first thing investors want to know is if the project has been granted NOC approval or not.  The No Objection Certificate or the NOC is a document is given by the approved development authority of the region whenever a new housing project is launched.

For Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority or CDA has to approve the NOC for the project to be a legal housing development. If a real estate project has not been given the NOC by the CDA, then making an investment in that project can be a risk where the investors can even lose their money

The best way to find out if a housing scheme has been given the NOC or not is to visit the CDA’s official website. The website is updated every now and then whenever a project is given the NOC approval. A few housing schemes that have been given the NOC approval by the CDA are discussed below.



Bahria Town has been the most in-demand housing scheme in Islamabad among the upper-income class since the year 2003. This housing scheme covers an area of over 16,000 hectares and is subdivided into nine phases. Ever since the NOC of this project was approved, the market value of the residential plots has skyrocketed, to the point where the cost of a 5 Marlas house ranges from 1.3 crores to 2 crores.

Apart from the residential sectors of this project, Bahria Town also has top-notch and high-end commercial and business districts. The high-end lifestyle and facilities provided by this real estate project are the reasons why Bahria Town is considered among the top corporate locations in the capital


Bahria Enclave is also among the few CDA approved residential schemes in the capital. This housing project has the same developmental framework and infrastructure as those seen in Bahria Town. This is because both of these residential projects are being managed by the developers of Bahria Town. The project is subdivided into two extensive portions known as phase 1 and phase 2. This housing scheme is easily assessable through Kashmir Highway and Express Highway.


Due to being the largest housing society in the capital, Gulberg is also known as ‘the city within the city’ and is categorized into two extensive sub-divisions which include the Gulberg Greens and The Gulberg Residencia. Gulberg Residencia consists mainly of condominiums and apartments and has 22 blocks while Gulberg Greens mainly has large farmhouses. This housing scheme is also high in demand due to the CDA’s NOV approval among the upper-income classes.


This housing scheme is located near simply Dam Link Road and is commonly known as IMT (Islamabad Model Town). This project has been given the NOC approval by the CDA, due to which this housing scheme is considered a safe real estate investment option.

This gated society provides the residents with full-time security and privacy, along with urbanized commercial areas and a number of open spaces to sync with the serene beauty of the capital. Model Town also has numerous facilities and amenities such as hospitals, fitness centers, cinemas, academic institutions, parks, and masjids to cater to the needs of the residents.


Park View City is among the few newly launched housing projects in the capital that have been given the NOC approval by the CDA. This housing society spans over an area of about 5000 Kanals and has a number of investment opportunities available. This housing scheme is linked with Kuri Road, linking this project to various key locations in the capital. This residential project also shares its boundaries with the National Zoo/Park and Botanical Garden. This gated community has state-of-the-art facilities along with a separate block dedicated entirely to overseas investors.

Apart from these housing schemes, there are several other NOC-approved housing projects in the capital that are either being developed or are fully developed. But the projects discussed in this article are the ones that are most popular and in-demand in the real estate market.

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