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Different Ways to Check Your Driving License Application Status Online

Indian Motor Vehicles Act makes it mandatory for everybody in India to receive a legitimate driving license before starting to drive.  Applicants must first register for a learner’s permit, then pass the driving test before applying for a regular permit. In India, the lawful driving requirement for non-geared automobiles is 16 years old, whereas the limit for geared vehicles is 18 years old. Anyone seeking a driver’s license in India must be of lawful age and provide the necessary papers, either at the local RTO office or online. 

This blog will provide a guide on how you can check your driving license application status online. 


When can you check your driving license application status?

According to marketresearchjournals When candidates begin the registration procedure for their driver’s licenses, they need to conform to specific timing limits. Before proceeding, candidates should be informed that once their paperwork and applications have been completed, they must select a day for the driving exam. Once the exam is completed, the RTO office will start the processing of the driver’s license. This procedure typically takes 2 weeks. The RTO urges candidates not to monitor their license status throughout this period since no details will be accessible online. After 2 weeks, the RTO sends out the license and enters the data into the system for online monitoring.

It is also important to understand that you can monitor the progress of your driving license online until the paperwork is sent to your listed address. The driver’s license is normally issued to the candidate within a month from the examination date. Nevertheless, there may be certain difficulties in the confirmation or license distribution, which is exactly why it is essential to verify your driving license application status online. To check your driving license application status, click here

How to check your driving license application status online?

There are two ways to check driving license application status for Light or Heavy Motor Vehicles. The first way to verify the condition is to go to the official webpage of the state’s Transportation Department. The alternative option is to go to the Parivahan Sewa webpage. Both options are simple and require only a few moments of the applicant’s time.

Method 1: State Transportation Department webpage

  1. Go to the webpage of your State’s Transportation Department. 
  2. Select “DL and LL Registration”
  3. After being routed, select “Know your application status”
  4. Input your applicant’s application id, which you can find on your application form.
  5. After inputting the application id, select the “Submit” button.
  6. A new webpage with your driving license status will appear, allowing you to verify the facts.

Method 2: Parivahan Sewa webpage

  1. Visit the Parivahan Sewa webpage. 
  2. Put your cursor over “Online Services”
  3. Select “Driving License Related Services”
  4. Pick the state in which you live.
  5. After being routed, select “Verify Pay Status”.
  6. Input the Application Id, Date of Birth, and the Captcha code.
  7. Select “Verify.”
  8. A new webpage with all the information, along with your driving license application status will appear.

Pointers to keep in mind while checking your driving license application status online

After successfully submitting the registration form, passing the driving exam, and capturing the biometric data, there are still a few things a car owner should bear in mind when verifying the status of a driver’s license:

  • It might take up to a month from the driving exam date to receive a driver’s license.
  • Legally, the RTO office is supposed to issue the driver’s license and mail it to the listed address within a period of 2-3 weeks.
  • You may monitor the progress of your driving license by entering the application id from the driver’s license application file.
  • The RTO’s laws and procedures might change abruptly; therefore it is best to monitor the progress on a frequent basis.
  • It is critical to remember your driver license’s expiry date, and a renewal request should be completed prior to the date of expiration.
  • To obtain a driver’s license, you should first obtain a learner’s permit. You may not be able to register for a driver’s license if you do not have a learner’s permit.
  • If your driver’s license is destroyed, stolen, lost, or ripped, you can request a replica.
  • Anybody with a valid driver’s license can request a global driving license style=”font-weight: 400;”>, which is accepted in practically every country.


Driving license means a lot in these days of traffic and crowds. India is swarmed by vehicles and to navigate safely through this traffic, the only option you have is to get a driving license. Luckily, you can easily acquire one if you follow the guidelines and regulations given by the RTO (Regional Transport Office). However, there are still rules that must be observed; for example, you may only acquire your license after passing a driving test, and it will still take roughly a month for the RTO to issue it. This blog provides 2 methods of how you can check your driving license application status online.

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