Discover Over and under 123B – The Most Worthwhile Game of 2023

Over and under 123B is a game that is currently attracting a lot of attention from betting players. With a simple way of playing but with a high probability of winning, this game is increasingly attracting bettors. Here is the experience of playing Over and under from the players at 123B to help you always win.

What is the definition of the game of Over and under?

SicBo is a betting game in which gamers have to predict the outcome of a given number. If the bettor predicts a high number, then bet on Over. If you predict a low number, place an Under.

Currently, Over and under is becoming more and more popular at 123B because of the high payout ratio. In addition, this game is also widely developed in many different fields such as horse racing, dragon tiger, or soccer, etc.

A table will have 3 6-sided dice. These dice will each have 6 faces, each face corresponds to 1 point from 1 to 6. The player’s task is to bet on 1 of 2 doors, which is Over or Under.

If the sum of the 3 dice is between 4 and 10, it will be called Under. The result of the dice from 11 to 17 will be counted as Big. In 123B, when the dice are rolled and lie on their side to the table, they will be shaken again. The bets of the bettors remain the same.

If the dice bounce less than 3 times or any of the dice do not bounce, the result will be forfeited and re-rolled. At this time, the player’s bet and bet score remains the same as before, unchanged.

Why should bettors choose to play Over and under 123B ?

Over and under is a fairly popular betting game with simple rules for bettors. Each game the house will give a number, the task of the bettors is to predict the big or low door for that number. So why among countless different bets you should choose to trust 123B, read the information below to understand.

Play bets anytime, anywhere

Unlike the traditional form of betting on Over and Under, now bettors can play 123B Anytime, Anywhere. We just need a phone or computer with an internet connection.

Players will log in to their betting account and participate in simple Over and under games. Players do not need to spend time or effort going to the dealer’s location directly. Moreover, the matches of Over and under outside of working time are also many for you to participate in.

Very attractive bonus rate

The level of competition of bookmakers today is very high. That is the reason that every bookie raises the bonus rate to a high level. At 123B, the bettors receive the odds of over and under, which can be said to be very large.

With just one game of 123B, players can receive a huge amount of money. There have been many successful players who got rich just by playing online betting. This is one of the benefits of participating in online betting.

The promotion of Over under is constantly updated by 123B

Promotion can be said to be the biggest advantage for bettors when participating in the game of 123B Over and Under. Players are constantly informed about promotions. The bookie will update daily and hourly promotions for bettors.

You do not need to worry that the promotion program is not reputable because there are many successful bettors receiving bonuses. Players just need to search for the program that suits them and register to participate. There have been many brothers who have received real offers from reputable bookmakers.

The secret to playing Over and under 123B to have a high chance of winning

Playing games, everyone wants to win, especially when the bonus at 123B is extremely attractive. Here are the secrets of playing to increase your chances of winning, compiled by our house from the masters, specifically as follows:

Apply quick play tips

This type of bet is often used by longtime Over and under players. Prepare a certain amount of capital and wait patiently. The player’s task at this time is to follow only 1 door from beginning to end, the back bet doubles the front door. Then choose a door that you are interested in and follow until you win to stop. Changing the bet 123B in the middle will make the loss even more lost.

Beat in the style of a flat bridge

The advice of the players is that when using this game, you must observe and remember. In case of seeing the scores of the previous games at least 3 times in a row, the new result will apply. If you see the bridge under Under or Over 5 times in a row, the next game will definitely have to fight back. Spotting the bridge is a sign that you are about to win big.

Tactics to play Over and under 123B 1-1

This way of playing can be applied often because it is very easy to meet in Over and under. The result of each game alternating Over-Under continuously at least 4 times, please apply immediately. Before that, go to the betting history section to observe and research before betting.


Playing Over and under 123B is both attractive and the possibility of winning is very high if you are a player with caution and ingenuity in calculating your moves. Learn more from the masters every day. The above article of hopes to help players get more useful information and apply it successfully.





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