Does Walmart provide CO2 paintball tanks for paintballs?

Although Walmart doesn’t replenish Co2 tanks, however, many other locations do! If you require your tank filled with Co2 before an upcoming paintball game, you can visit any paintball shop or field. The majority of them will refill your tank and will charge the use of this service.

CO2, also known as Carbon Dioxide, is the most inexpensive air source one could use to power a paintball gun. CO2 tanks are available in a range of sizes, and the majority of CO2 tanks are refillable by visiting any nearby paintball park or at a store. However, CO2 is a temperature-sensitive substance; therefore, it can cause some problems in cold temperatures. They are available in 4 oz 9 12 oz 16 OZ, 20 oz, and even 24 grams.


Components and Accessories

Regulator and Needle Valve

The regulator is the center of every CO2 system. It is a simple process of lowering the pressure present in the tank (around 60 Bar/900 PSI) to an appropriate pressure to be utilized. Based on my small size needs and having an affordable cost, I settled to go with a single-stage regulator. However, many brands look similar. Here are some features from the group of regulators.

  • On Stage is a different thing from dual-stage. If you have a modest setup, you’ll have a very effective control using a one-stage regulator, and you can save big money. Single-stage regulators would sacrifice accuracy and reliability (compared to the dual regulators). However, this is not the case anymore.
  • Non-Adjustable Pressure Output To make it easier and provide cost savings, they offer a fixed (non-adjustable) out pressure (3.5 bar/50 psi).
  • Single Gauge, which displays pressure inside the tank. It will always be the same pressure of 62 Bar (900 psi) until it begins to empty, after which the pressure starts to decrease.

The High-Performance Needle Valve

The regulator, comes with a premium needle valve or is a pre-installed valve that you can install downstream of another (coarse adjust) valve. This is the valve you use to regulate the amount of CO2 flowing through your tank.

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Solenoid Valve

You can purchase a regulator that remains in operation all the time. However, I’d suggest getting one with the solenoid valve. Set it to an alarm clock – when power is on, the valve opens, and CO2 flows. When the power is off, the valve closes.

Threading Connection

These budget-related regulators from this class generally have threading typical for incorporating common to UK, Europe, Taiwan with various designations such as DIN477/BS341 W21.8 / DIN477 W21.8. This is not the standard threading used in large tanks within the USA (CGA 32). But, this shouldn’t be an issue as we’re attaching it with a tank for paintball that will require an adapter. I’ll go into this further in the future.

UK (or European Origin

For any reason, regulators with all attributes described are not accessible within the USA. I could change this shortly.


I hope that you will find this site useful. Please let me know when the products are no longer available or have new features, and I’ll test to update the site for all users. Once again, having our CO2 system in place is extremely enjoyable, allowing us to experiment with the most exotic “high maintenance” plants, reduce algae, and will enable us to grow as fast as we can. We wish everyone the best of luck who has plans to join us in the advanced planted aquarium journey.


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