The Hindu Editorial Pdf

Download The Hindu Editorial Pdf 4th November 2018 | The Hindu Editorial Pdf Download

Download The Hindu Editorial Pdf 4th November 2018 | The Hindu Editorial Pdf Download

Hello SSCATOZ Readers, We Found that The Hindu Editorial is something which Is Important for UPSC & Other Public Commission Services Exams. The Hindu Editorial Is also Important to make a strong vocab power which is needed nowadays in most of the banking exams & other Competitive Exams like CAT, GRE, CLAT, MAT etc. Now You can download the Hindu Editorial from here from Today.

Download The Hindu Editorial Pdf

Download The Hindu EditorialPdf 4th November 2018




Why Read The Hindu Editorial Pdf & How to Read The Hindu Editorial?

First of all, congratulate yourself on thinking about reading the Hindu editorials even though you are not preparing for any competitive exam. You have chosen a good practice to follow – Reading Editorials; and you have also chosen the right newspaper – The Hindu.

The thing to understand that editorials and lead opinion articles are different. Editorials are smaller. They are hence easier to not lose track of if you are not in touch with the current affairs. They will also get you started on the major news in current affairs. It will tell you what an expert on the topic thinks about the same.

What is the use of reading others opinion on the issue you me ask?

Well, when experts write on a particular topic, they don’t just write their opinions randomly. They try to give their own rationale behind thinking what they do, and in doing so, they tell you few more facts pertaining to the issue which otherwise might be difficult to get in a consolidated form from a single source. It will tell you how the author thinks and will add perspective. You too hopefully will start thinking about the issue (and I urge you to do). This will expand your mind and broaden your thinking.

When you say you get bogged down the length of the articles and the vocabulary used, you remind me so much of myself when I first started reading these a few years ago. But, today I don’t feel the same. I am quite comfortable on reading those long op-eds from the Hindu regularly. This is what I did, it might help you too.

There are 2 main reasons that you are not able to comprehend the op-ed articles:

  1. Low knowledge about the topic
  2. Vocabulary

I don’t really think length is the primary problem here, but yes length definitely compounds it. Reading a lengthy article on topics that you know nothing much about can be boring.

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