Eight Veterans Benefits You May Be Unaware Of

Tricare and the GI Bill are two of the most commonly known benefits available to veterans through the Department of Veterans Unaware.

There are countless other programs that help veterans and their families receive even more benefits than those listed above. VA health care and education programs offer benefits that veterans may not be aware of, including ways to reduce the cost burden of these services. If you’re a veteran, here are some certification for veteran benefits you may not have heard about that you should check out.



Assistive Care


The cost of long-term care is high, but it is often required to care for elderly family members. In many cases, veterans are eligible for financial assistance to cover the costs of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care options. The Aid & Attendance benefit can cover a considerable percentage of long-term care expenditures for married couples, who can receive up to $25,020 per year. Veterans’ surviving spouses can get up to $13,560 per year in long-term care benefits.


Support for the caregivers


As a caregiver to a Veteran, the Department of Veterans Affairs has a program to assist you. It does not provide monetary assistance to caregivers, but a free helpline and a care coordinator are available to assist them in navigating military benefits and the burden of caregiving.


Benefits Upon Death


Families who lose a loved one who was a veteran can take advantage of a few special programs. To honour the memory of the departed, families may request a Presidential Memorial Certificate to be draped over the casket. To commemorate their service, Veterans Affairs offers complimentary headstones.


Non-Degree Programs/Certificates Outside of College


Aside from college credit, the GI Bill can be used to pay for a variety of other types of training and certification programs such as HVAC repair, truck driver training, emergency medical training, and barber and beautician school. Because of this perk, military veterans can change occupations or pursue non-college-degree careers with ease. The VET TEC program, which provides “accelerated training in coding boot camps” or comparable information science programs, software training, etc., also offers other non-college degree options. Finally, veterans can take advantage of a number of free IT certificates.


Free tax preparation


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) facilities on military bases provide free tax preparation assistance for veterans and their families. The people who work at the offices have a lot of experience dealing with military-related tax matters.


Life Insurance


Many veterans have difficulty acquiring regular life insurance, particularly if they were injured while serving. Veterans can receive life insurance coverage of up to $400,000 under the Servicemembers and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance Program. Competitive premium rates are also part of the deal here.


Mortgage Aid


Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan help is available to veterans who are unable to make their mortgage payments. Special repayment plans, loan forbearance, and debt modification programs are among the options available for assistance. Veterans with VA loans and those who are homeless are eligible for additional assistance.


American Corporate Partners


With the support of American Corporate Partners, veterans can find employment following their time in the military. One-on-one career coaching and other services are available to veterans in addition to job opportunities Learn More

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