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How to Enhance Email Marketing With HubSpot Inbound Marketing Tools

Are you tired of the recent Google update launched on July 2021, and worried about losing the effort invested in gaining backlinks from reputable websites? Then you are not alone. There is news for you, a lot of things you can do, channels you can use, and utilize platforms to upgrade your marketing strategy with HubSpot Inbound Marketing, and it is known as email marketing.

Unlike digital marketing, emails don’t have to be governed by or concern any algorithm rather it is focused on gaging the attention of customers whether they are B2B or B2C. In such a situation, the most important thing that you need is to ensure that the email you are creating should be engaging, motivational, and resonate with users, only then you’ll be able to gain desired click-through and open rate. At the same, you need to vary of that your email doesn’t end up in the spam folder. And for this particular reason, we would suggest you utilize HubSpot inbound marketing tools, HubSpot Marketing Hub.


HubSpot Inbound Marketing

One of the reasons why manual email marketing doesn’t perform well is when marketers create generalize content e.g. newsletter, promotional offers, and discounts, etc., and hope to get a response from email subscribers. Unfortunately, this strategy results in subscriber churn and also affects the CTR of a domain.

To help you enhance the inbound marketing strategy, we have done all the leg-work and crafted this article to assist many readers like you, who are searching for effective ways to enhance email marketing strategy. Here in this article, we have identified 4 email automation campaigns that you can use to reduce the retention rate of your email subscribers.

Types of Email Campaigns Automation

The simplest way to understand how email automation works are, it is a system of Ifs and Then. These ifs and then create are put together and form a workflow that requires minimal human input. Once the workflow is activated, the system automatically initiates the email campaign whenever a certain trigger or behavior is detected. Some of the most important campaigns that you need to incorporate in your email marketing strategy are as follow:

1. Welcome Campaign For New Email Subscriber

Usually, people think that email content should be a point to point and as specific as can. But from a marketing perspective, every email whether it is a welcome note or farewell bid can become a branding tool. Since welcome email has over 95% open rate, you can use this opportunity to market your brand image, what a subscriber can aspect, and also seek permission to send weekly or monthly emails, or links to join the social media community.

2. Query Or Special Triggers

Acquiring new customers requires 10X efforts and budget as compared to retaining existing customers. Similarly in the case of email subscribers. There are multiple triggers that you can use to automate your email marketing strategy with HubSpot Inbound Marketing tools e.g. website visits, whitepaper downloaded, cursor hovered over a specific product, and even the type of email open. All of these triggers and email subscriber lists can tell you tales about your subscribers that you’ll not find in any books. But the key is, you have every piece of content prepared in advance and linked with the trigger so that when the moment arrives you won’t have to worry about creating content and scheduling it to send to a particular subscriber segment.

3. Lead Sorting & Nurturing

Creating content for social media, websites, infographics, podcasts, POV, and video doesn’t have the efficiency that email content possesses. When it comes to nurturing marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads, there are a lot of things that you need to but with the emails, you can create content, associate or integrate tags, and left things to automation. This will help in sending the right content to the right subscriber, by taking into account their position in the marketing and sale funnel. Another word for these repetitive emails is drip campaigns.

4. Friendly Reminder Campaigns

This type of campaign consists of cart abandonment email, repeat purchase, re-engagement, and product recommendation. Since you have all the information on who your customer is what they like to where they spend time, you can use such information to craft customer segmentation. Such targeted and personalized email results in receiving over 102% CTR and over 71% open rate.

Parting Words

Email automation is not that difficult that marketer thinks. There are so many tools available you can use for campaign automation, e.g. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Hub at Techloyce. It offers a drag-and-drop feature that you can use to create a visually rich email template.

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