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Everything You Need to Kknow Aabout DirecTV

DirecTV has a lot of channels distributed among several categories; basically, it is an all-in-one package. Also, its DirecTV stream box provides various features, including storage space and premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME. All in all, it serves as a promising addition to any television set. On top of that, it has several packages with a variety of add-ons for everyone’s needs and demands. You can view DirecTV plans, details, and rates by accessing this link:  https://www.buytvinternetphone.com/directv/stream

Moving on, we are here to learn more about DirecTV. So, without further waitado, the following is a brief discussion about go-through into everything to know about DirecTV. 


DirecTV Packages and Pricing & Plans

The DirecTV is not all bad to start off. It offers a good amount of channels at reasonable prices. Although some prefer a single straightforward plan like what YouTube TV or Hulu TV offers, everyone has their own choice. However, here is what you need to know about are the DirecTV plans and pricing. 

  • DirecTV Stream Entertainment Package: It offers an essential experience with 1675+ channels. It includes local broadcasts from ABC, FOX, and more, news channels like CNBC, FOX news, and entertainment sections with Discovery, Disney, and many more. Moreover, you get 20 hours of cloud DVR and over 450 thousand on-demand titles. This package is great for families with members of all ages. This plan is reasonably priced so subscribe to it today!
  • It comes at a price of $69.99/month.
  • DirecTV Stream Choice Package: It comes with 200105+ channels and more than 45 50 thousand on-demand titles. The channels include aleverythingl from entertainment packages and more such as CNBC world, Game Show Network, Nickelodeon, NBA TV, Tennis, etc. Moreover, it has several premium sports and cooking channels, including ESPNews, CNBC World, Cooking Channel, and many more. This one is for sports fans and enthusiasts and has some exclusive channels. This plan is perfect for mid-sized families.
  • This plan costs $89.99/month.
  • DirecTV Stream Ultimate Package: It includes more sports entertainment with over 140 270 channels and 55 60 thousand+ on-demand titles. This package is more leaned towards the movie and season lovers. Also, you get a bunch of premium channels at some fees, which you can cancel anytime you want. It has all of the Cchoice channels, plus Oxygen, Universal Kids, EPIX, Aspire, BBC World News, Nat Geo, and much more entertainment content at a price of $104/month. This plan can meet your entire household’s entertainment needs. So, make a purchase now!
  • DirecTV Stream Premier Package: It provides the most entertainment with 150340+ channels and over  65 70 thousand on-demand titles. This package has the likes of HBO Max, Starz, Showtime, EPIX, and many more premium channel content. You can unlock this package for $149/month. With this plan, you can enjoy video streaming to your heart’s content. 

These pricings and plans of DirecTV stream do not cost a fortune but are still above some of its competitors. Some comparison plans from different networks are:

Sling Orange and Blue with a $50 per month offer.

Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and others have high costs but more channels and a single clear plan. 

More DirecTV Features

DirecTV Stream is a great package for sports-fan as it has many premium-level channels for streaming sports. However, there are restrictions and fees to unlock additional premium channels, and it also lacks some channels important to some fans. 

Another noticeable feature is the interface of the DirecTV stream. It is overall a good balance and no crash problem (so far). The apps are lined in beautifully in the deck, but it does lack a dark-mode feature. 

DirecTV also has iOS and Android apps for easy customization and control. The experience is good with features such as media gallery control, subscription update, closed captioning, parenteral control, and more. 

Moving on, another thing it comes with is DVR and streaming box. Again, it is a good piece of hardware with good playback qualities. The Genie DVR is among the best streaming devices, with 200 HD video hours storage and 5 simultaneous downloading capabilities. Moreover, it boosts a beautiful 4K resolution and has a rewatch feature for people who like to watch every scene in detail. 

Is DirecTV Worth It?

All in all, DirecTV is a great overall streaming and entertainment media experience, with tons of channels, Live TV, and on-demand content. Moreover, it also offers accessibility and parenteral controls. For example, you can enable captions directly on the screen. In addition, you can change the text color to differentiate from the background and also adjust the font face, text size, and background. After that, it also gives separate profile options and kids’ profiles with customizable experiences. In simple terms, it has a lot of options and settings which you can take time to set for you and your whole family. 

Moving on to a concerning topic, although DirecTV stream comes with good security features, it is better to use a VPN to secure your online entertainment activity. It is also good to access other regions and works perfectly fine with the DirecTV stream. However, it would help if you also stayed on guard, as many service providers are finding new ways to limit VPN traffic. So, it is best to pay for a premium plan of a top-level VPN that gets the job done. 

DirecTV stream also has many critics giving mixed reviews to this streaming device, but it does have some noticeable features. Still, it is expensive in the long run. 


This was a brief introduction to the DirecTV stream and media bundle. You can pair it up with AT&T 5 gigabytes of internet and forget about the rest. It offers a great stable connection with ultra-fast speeds, so you can watch, learn and play easily, even at peak times. 

Surely, its pricing plan is not for everyone, and the additional costings and add-ons make it up to one of the highest rates in the market. However, if money is not the issue, then it is a powerful device that serves as a great addition to entertainment hours. No matter whose fan you are, movies, fashion, comedy, history, or any other, DirecTV has all the things that you need with a beautiful look and feel. 




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