Antiviral Protection London

Expert Antiviral Protection London Services With Medical-grade Antimicrobial Products:


Antiviral Protection London:

Antimicrobial Protection combines the sturdiness of nanoceramics with the verified anti-microbial power of silver ion technology and Antiviral Protection London. Working together, they make an impassable fence against viruses, counting the COVID-19 virus, as well as bacteria and fungi.

Easy to put on by our skilled technicians, Antimicrobial Protection treated surfaces will help shield your workforce and clients against damaging pathogens for up to three years in high touchpoint areas. No other antimicrobial product presently on the market can promise to protect as operative and enduring. Antimicrobial Protection delivers surface protection solutions across a variety of industries, private entities, government institutions, and manufacturers.

These solutions are dispersed to reduce financial costs to businesses whilst upsurge public safety on a global scale. Based in Sweden with products manufactured in Belgium, our focus is to assist European businesses in growing the hygiene safety of their sites and send a message of comfort to the occupants. This is attained by joining our Antimicrobial Protection Antimicrobial coating with an alertness program that any business can effortlessly implement.

A revolutionary water-based antimicrobial coating.

This product can be practical to almost any surface, which allows a completely new level of protection in your capacity. The elements have been verified and found to be effective against a wider range of viruses and bacteria, making an unreceptive surface for these unsafe microorganisms, and keeping your facility harmless for everyone.

​Our method is a next-generation water-based, enduring antimicrobial coating intended to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for lengthy periods after application. Once the coating has dry, it forms an imperceptible layer of “nano spikes” that enter and abolish cell membranes. Due to these “nano spikes”, our product’s procedure of removal is power-driven instead of chemical in evaluation with other enduring solutions such as silver ion and copper.

​This is tremendously effective in both high and low traffic flow areas. The active element in the coating is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) recorded and acquiescent. The coating can be useful to and bonds with almost any surface – permeable or non-porous, metal, leather, fabric, etc. For all-out efficiency, it is suggested that Antimicrobial Protection be practical by a professionally trained installer.

Creating safer spaces:

Most people agree the coronavirus epidemic has transformed audacities to hygiene and cleanliness for good. This will essentially affect how we must clean and uphold offices and the surroundings in which services are carried. New ways are desirable to provide continuing protection from all pathogens, as well as SARS-CoV-2, which roots COVID-19.

Back to work hygienic and safe:

The inoculation program allows us to put the COVID-19 pandemic behind us and build back better.  Antimicrobial Protection has been advanced to help you menacingly improve hygiene standards and comfort for workers and customers alike.

As businesses consider stirring to a hybrid approach to work, with squads sharing time between home and offices, Antimicrobial Protection will support the first-class and profitable hygiene programs they will want.

A multipurpose antimicrobial additive appropriate for almost any material or liquid;

Antimicrobial Protection Antiviral Protection London can be used as a preservative to the manufacturing procedure of many materials and solutions.

The additive does not touch the arrival of the product it is being applied with and offers the following assistances: Antiviral, Anti-fungal, Anti-odor, Bacterial, Antibacterial, Anti-mold, and Viral Mutation Prevention, Odorless, Non-corrosive, Attraction and penetrating of damagingly charged pathogens.

The chemical has already been positively applied within automotive coatings, signage, and textile manufacturing. Contact our research and development crew to discover how our preservative can be unified into your manufacturing procedure.

We focus on Covid-19 and Coronavirus protection.

Antimicrobial Protection is a highly knowledgeable commercial spraying company. We have carried many efficacious spraying projects in and around London and the Home Counties.

We concentrate on Covid-19 and Coronavirus protection. Our 90 Day Antimicrobial Coating offers defense to your staff and clients.  Antimicrobial Protection UK 90 Day antimicrobial coating benefits to limit the spread of harmful germs and viruses.

The process:

  1. FREE Quote
    We have a chat and evaluation of the size of the area that desires to spray.
  2. Timescale
    We discuss project periods and specific demands such as employed outside of office or retail hours and turn up with a project plan.
  3. Spraying Prep

    We tell you what requirements to be moved the day before. Our crew will come and spray your site.

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