Facilitate Your Recovery from Alcoholism by Attending AA Meetings in New York City

If you have been struggling with alcohol use disorder for many years now, it may be time to get professional help. Besides checking yourself into rehab, you need to start following the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous has been the most trusted program for addicts keen to kick off their addiction. This program teaches abstinence from alcohol through spiritual and individual growth. It is believed there are more than 1.7 million AA members spread across 150 countries. So, if you are looking for an AA meeting in New York, you won’t be disappointed.

How AA meetings in New York City can help you recover from alcohol addiction faster:

Drug or alcohol addiction is widely referred to as chemical dependency or substance abuse. This is why addicts are encouraged to find AA meetings to get support and guidance to kick off the habit. These meetings are open for everyone who needs help fighting alcoholism. For those who are scared to attend these on their own, spouses and family members are also welcomed.

Closed AA meetings, however, are only reserved for members. You can become a member only when you have a drinking problem and a desire to commit to sobriety. The AA encourages members to follow the 12 steps of AA to stay sober. AA has so far helped millions of addicts reach their goals of sobriety. They encourage members to use the sobriety calculator to keep a check on their progress towards this goal. As recognition for their efforts and hard work, AA members are rewarded with tokens.

AA meetings are rooted in spirituality and not religion; this is because this organization does not endorse sects or politics. Instead, they look up to a higher power which they feel connects all AA members. This spirituality is what helps them in healing and recovery.

When you attend AA meetings in New York City, you will notice they start with readings of the preamble. In an open meeting, anyone can walk in and listen to members speak about their stories. There are even specific meetings for specific peoples, like ethnic groups and the LGBTQ communities. New members are mentored by others or given a sponsor. They must reach out to their sponsors whenever they feel tempted to drink or are finding it hard to stay sober. This social support system has been hugely effective in helping both the sponsors and newcomers stay committed.

Anniversaries of sobriety will be celebrated through parties and special events. These offer incentives to members to continue to stay sober. Because these are social gatherings, members also get the opportunity to enjoy themselves, even when there is no alcohol. It is interesting to note that other organizations like Narcotics or Cocaine Anonymous also follow similar 12-step programs.

Being a part of AA does not mean you have to be proactive in every meeting that you attend. You can choose to stay silent and listen to others. No one will force you to speak up or share your story. People who have never attended an AA meeting can give you the wrong idea about what goes on in these. It is not anything like what is shown in the movies. The idea is to discuss issues faced by alcoholics and try to find solutions to these. Some local AA meetings can be for a definite purpose, like a beginner’s meeting or a 12-step study meeting.

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