Follow This Advice for Good PPC Campaigns in Healthcare

Whether you’re a healthcare professional who wants to expand your local practice or a health product distributor, establishing your business can be challenging. The healthcare industry is one of the most demanding markets to penetrate. So, aside from a solid local presence, it would be best if you had an efficient and practical online marketing and ads strategy to stand out. One of these strategies is PPC or pay-per-click.

A PPC ad is an online ad where marketers only pay when a user clicks on the ad link. Compared to regular ads that cost a lot of money to post, PPC ads are more practical and cost-efficient. PPC ads give you complete control over your ad spending through various ad platforms. PPC ads are valuable marketing tools that can measure user traffic, revenue, and the success of different ad campaigns.

Healthcare businesses can take advantage of the many impressive benefits of PPC ads. Companies can use PPC ads for

  • Promoting healthcare products to the right audience
  • Targeting clients that are more likely to be looking for your products or services
  • Measuring the success of their campaigns
  • Growing their healthcare brand 
  • Promoting their practice online
  • Driving more clients and patients to their local offices or clinics

Top PPC Campaign Advice for Healthcare Businesses

As reported by Digital Authority Partners, PPC is an effective advertising and marketing tool for healthcare-related businesses. PPC can be a powerful strategy to promote your healthcare brand online and offline when properly used. Check out these top PPC campaign advice for healthcare companies.

Create Your Advertising Goals

Start your PPC ad campaigns by crafting your ad goals. Consider the following questions:

  • What do you want to promote?
  • Do you want to drive more people to your eCommerce site?
  • Do you want more people to visit your local shop?
  • Do you want to increase foot traffic to your clinic or office?
  • Do you want to increase traffic to your healthcare website?

When you have a clear sight of your long-term goal, it’s time to create short-term ones, eventually leading to completing your ultimate goal. If you want to increase patient and client visits to your local clinic, create mini campaigns like promoting your services, showcasing a new offer, or highlighting your new clinic location and facilities. All these short-term goals are achievable using PPC ads.

Have a PPC Campaign Audit

Are you in the middle of a PPC ad campaign? Use this time to evaluate your current campaign’s success (or not). You can conduct a PPC audit by checking your ad platforms accounts, such as your Google Ads account or social media account. 

An audit is necessary before, during, and after a campaign. Consider that Google and other search engines regularly update their policies, so it’s best to ensure that your ads comply with these changes. Consider the following

  • Your ads spending
  • Top performing and underperforming keywords
  • Your call-to-action phrases
  • Ads value proposition
  • PPC ad campaigns of your competitors

There’s nothing wrong with checking out your competitors and how they create PPC ads. They may also be doing the same thing! Check out what works and see if these can inspire you to make better and more powerful PPC ad campaigns in the future. 

Choose The Best Keywords

The right keywords drive perfect PPC campaigns. You need to use the best keywords or key phrases to create successful PPC ads.

In PPC, you need to bid on high-value keywords through your Google Ads or platform. Top keywords are more expensive but will give you the best results in PPC campaigns. Some tips for selecting the right keywords:

  • Use location-specific keywords to zero in on your local clients and patients.
  • Use long-tail keywords similar to what your clients and patients use to search for your business.
  • Use your healthcare expertise in your keywords to promote your services or practice.
  • Understand proper keyword placement. Use your main keyword on the title and body (description) of your ad. Use your main keyword to create your landing pages.

Develop Your PPC Ad Structure and Landing Pages

Now that your keywords are ready, it’s time to create your ads. The ad title and description are the ones you would often see in search engine PPC ads. 

Creating an engaging ad title and body can help you invite your clients and patients to your landing page and accept your offer or services. Developing a good ad structure and landing page will help you quickly win more clients and patients.

  • Make sure your ads complement your landing pages.
  • Use inviting titles but always focus on your goals.
  • Create concise and engaging descriptions or body, and add a CTA phrase at the end to lure your clients.
  • Make your landing page the best source of information your clients will find online.
  • Create readable, easy to digest, and helpful content. Use bullet points, infographics, images, step-by-step instructions, videos, and other forms of content.
  • Always have your contact details on your landing page if your clients want to order, schedule an appointment, or take advantage of an offer.

Use Ad Extensions

Sometimes PPC ads aren’t enough to convey your message, and you need ad extensions to promote your ads better. As we said earlier, PPC ads on search engine platforms have a title and a short description, and clicking these will lead you to a landing page.

Ad extensions like call extensions, message extensions, location extensions, price extensions, services extensions, etc., will make it easier for your clients to access your services. For example, call extensions will allow your clients to immediately call your clinic or office. Clicking the call extension will activate a call application on their mobile device instead of leading them to your webpage.

Other extensions help clients make intelligent buying decisions like price extensions, snippet extensions, promotion extensions, etc. In addition, you can add ad extensions from your Google Ads platform.

Final Words

Healthcare businesses will find PPC helpful in targeting prospective clients and patients searching for their services. PPC brings your business to people with high intentions of taking your offers. Follow these tips, and you’ll ace all your PPC campaigns and grow your healthcare business or practice in no time.






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