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From A-Z The Most Standard Sodo House Betting

Sodo house betting is a very famous and familiar concept in football betting. However, to participate in football betting, players also have to grasp more information than revolves around this subject, not just the concept of it. Our Sodo Casino‘s general article below will answer all the questions you still have.

A few things you need to know about the Sodo house betting

Simply understanding the concept of the house, let’s analyze the concept of the house. The house in general and Sodo in particular is a business unit of online casino games and sports betting. Currently, this form is quite popular when online bookmakers are continuously born, who dynamic the football betting market.

The house edge is also known by its other names such as the football bookie, football or online bookie,… These are attractive bets that the bookie offers to increase the odds. option.

Each different sports match will have a different nature, from which the Sodo bookie will plan to offer appropriate odds. For example, today’s house bets will usually be issued by the Red Book 2-4 days before the match so that players can easily consider choosing a bet.

Each bookmaker will have separate and different regulations on the time to announce the odds. The announcement time from before that match takes place is about 2 – 8 days. Not only on the house side, but also on the number of players and each specific time of betting will also directly affect the change of the odds.

Common types of Sodo house betting

In order to meet the diverse and growing needs of players involved in sports betting, there are many other popular types of bets launched by the Sodo house in the market to attract players.

The launch of many types of Sodo house bets makes it easy for players to choose the form they want to bet on. Choosing the right odds, placing the desired bet is the goal of the player. Meeting those requirements is the aim and mission of the house.

Currently, there are 3 popular types of football bets that players use the most. Follow our bet score, learn more about today’s house bets introduced.

European house edge

European Sodo is one of the most popular and used sports bets regardless of whether in the house today or any other time. European Handicap is considered to be a type of bet with a relatively easy way to play, it only takes a short time for players to grasp it quickly. 1×2 is another name for European rafters.

When placing this bet, you do not need to predict the odds like when betting on Asia or the number of goals like when playing over and under. For European bets, you only need to care about the home team’s 3 results, win, draw or lose and place in 1 of those 3 results. You just need to consider the amount you will place and the door you choose. The final result will be the only thing that determines the outcome of your bet.

Check the Sodo house betting fortunes and faints

Over and under handicap is probably the most familiar name in all 3 types of rafters and even when it comes to house rafters today. Over and under bets are considered by many experts to be easy to play even at the first time. The over-under bet that you sometimes hear is another name for the over-under bet.

Once participating in the over and under bet, you can easily understand how this bet is based on the total number of goals scored by the two teams in that match. Currently, Sodo has launched over and under bets for 1 half and the whole match to choose from.

Asian house edge

Asian handicap is considered to be a much more complicated bet than European and over under. However, Asian rafters are still commonly used to catch the house today. This type of Sodo house bet is also known as handicap, over-under or handicap. When participating, players need to choose a stronger team and place that team in the upper door, similarly, choose the weaker team to place in the lower door.

In Asian handicap matches, the valid time will include both the official 90 matches as well as the extra time. In the case of extra time, the bets usually offer a few more markets and Sodo is no exception.


The above share of has summarized for you all the information about the house rafters, the types of odds and how to check the Sodo house betting very accurately. This is all information that every player needs to know before starting to bet. Hope you will know how to play properly and have a lot of luck.





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