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Fujifilm XF10 Best Video Camera For Youtube

Fujifilm XF10 Best Video Camera For Youtube Sometimes the Japanese like to experiment strangely – so when creating the XF10, someone clearly experienced a flight of imagination. After all, this “digital camera for youtube” with a 24.2-megapixel (which is actually the second thing) sensor of the APS-C format (and this is for a “soap dish” just – very much!) Is not equipped with a zoom lens, which has become customary for a long time. and a moderate-wide-angle “prime” with an effective focal length of 28mm. Although, of course, together with the design in the spirit of old rangefinder digital camera for youtube. this gives the XF10 its certain charm – and, of course, thanks to smartphones, the “target audience” still managed to get used to shooting “as is”, using digital zoom as a last resort.

The lens itself has a moderate aperture (f / 2.8), but with an aspherical element and a minimum focusing distance of only 10 cm. When shooting close-ups at an open aperture, it is even capable of quite nice bokeh. Stabilization is digital-only. An interesting Snapshot mode is provided for those who like to take a quick photo “from the hip”: preset the focusing distance and aperture value, and at the right moment you can instantly grab the camera and take a picture without wasting time focusing. However, the hybrid focusing itself is also very decent here – there are 35 points of phase focusing, but, however, only in the center of the frame – there are virtual points along the edges (there are 91 of them in total), working in contrast. But really fast shooting is really more convenient to conduct with presetting.

The controls are minimalistic, but also programmable – for example, on a narrow lens focusing ring (as you understand, focusing here “by wire”, as in Canon STM lenses), you can “hang” the digital zoom, thus imitating the usual zoom optical zoom, switching light sensitivity or film profiles (yes, the camera traditionally for Fujifilm imitates film not only outside, but also in post-processing frames). Most of the control operations are performed using the touchscreen.

The film camera for youtube, despite its compactness, works not only with an electronic shutter (capable of shutter speeds up to 1/16000), but also with a mechanical one, which they could fit into the body. Burst shooting speed – up to 6 frames per second, which is generally quite good for a “soap dish” (although the buffer size is small – it will only last for 10 frames). The video mode has not been forgotten either – however, the declared support for 4K (Best vlogging camer a for youtube) is here “for show”, with 15 frames per second, but FullHD at 60 fps is fully operational, and even with the ability to connect an external microphone.

How can you characterize this film camera in general? Stylish, comfortable and clearly oriented towards those who just want to “press a button (maximum two) and get the result.” A large matrix by the standards of compacts provides good image quality, which does not need to be pulled out with software “enhancers”, as on a smartphone – however if you wish, you can already “rotate” the RAW frames yourself.

Main pluses:

  • Decent autonomy for a compact camera (with the ability to recharge from a standard USB)
  • Quality sensor with hybrid focusing
  • Lens worthy of sharpness and detail, good “friend” with the matrix


  • Zoom – either digital (significantly affecting image quality) or by feet
  • 4K video just for show
  • Lack of optical or matrix stabilization

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