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Getting a work permit or visa in the UAE: Everything You Need to Know

UAE may seem attractive to many Middle Eastern companies looking to set up operations in the region because of its location in the middle of the Middle East. With the world’s best infrastructure and business outlook, it has renovated itself from a nation largely dependent on farming and fishing proceeds into one of the most cosmopolitan nations in the Middle East.

Due to its status as one of the top international career destinations, the UAE has established itself as one of the most competitive recruitment markets. The UAE, which has seven independent emirates, includes Abu Dhabi and Dubai, two major business hubs. As a result, most UAE workers are expatriates.

Because of this, many companies set higher expectations for new hires, which can cause the job application process to last longer. As a result, your hiring timeline needs to reflect this. You can also get all the data and requirements details from a dubai job consultant in delhi.

Documentation by the Labour Ministry

Before hiring the staff in the UAE, you have to submit these two documents from the Ministry of Labour-the ‘established labour card’ and the “established immigration card”.

Owners, partners, or public relations officers (PROs) that assist the government in processing the application must send their applications to the Ministry of Labour. The employees will also need to obtain security passes if they need access to certain sites (such as the oilfield).

Dubai Visas for work

Apply for their work permits after obtaining your company’s establishment labour card and establishment immigration card and behalf on your application. In order for your employees to be able to work in the United States, you as an employer must apply for work permits and pay any fees associated with the process. You can apply for a residence visa and work permit after you have issued your employee a contract.

Furthermore, the UAE requires compliant handovers of workers with a Dubai work permit already in the country. Otherwise, penalties will apply.

Documents Required for Work Visas

You have to gather information and some important id and document proof to apply for a dubai work permit. You have to be deliver your request with collected all these documents:

  • Onboarding forms Ministry of Labor passport photo Passport copy Education certificates.

In about one week, the Ministry of Labor grants approval. Then the e-visa is issued in five to seven working days. The applicant can then fly to the UAE after receiving his or her e-visa. There are a few other formalities to go through on arrival, including a UAE medical check and police clearance.

Employees can sponsor their own family members if they meet the minimum salary requirement and their spouses are registered with the Ministry of Labor. Female employees are allowed to sponsor their husbands and their children. Similarly to the above, your employees will need the necessary compliance items such as medical insurance if they are living in the UAE with their spouse or children.

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