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Going Online – Pizza Marketing and Advertising

The world is going in a different direction than it used to be, it is going digital. People are shopping and finding where they want to shop online. Pizza is no different! You do not need to be able to receive orders online, but you do need to have an online presence; The more the merrier!

There are more and more ways to get online; it almost seems overwhelming. Many pizzerias think they know pizza, so they don’t need to know about the internet. They do their business as usual, while their competitors are putting the pieces together.

One thing about business is that you must go where your customers are and, believe it or not, they are online. They have Facebook accounts, they are tweeting through Twitter, they are posting things on their blog, they are watching videos on YouTube, and most likely they are posting reviews about their online store for everyone else online to read.

Creating and maintaining an online presence takes time and continuous monitoring. In most cases, you probably already have an online presence that you weren’t even aware of. This will take some time too, but you will appreciate it.

Go to your local computer and type in your business name and zip code, see what comes up. Even without you knowing, there are websites with customer reviews about your pizza business. You better hope your customers have good things to say about your online pizza ordering system. If not, other people are reading about it!

Not only did your competitors pick up on that and started monitoring and maintaining those reviews, but they also have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, people who interact on their blog, and videos on YouTube. You don’t have to try to get control of the web; You just have to do your part and be there!

One of the best things you can do for your pizza business is to go online and see what others are doing in your area. If they are not doing anything, the better for you. Your pizzeria may have an advantage. If they are working and doing their thing, you will have to do it too. If you don’t, they will start eating at your market share!

Don’t turn it into a competition, just know what you’re racing with and do your part. Sooner or later, the store that makes the most will sell more pizza. This will be an ongoing race. The internet is going nowhere, so sit back and get connected today.

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