Halloween Secret Revealed


Packaging has nowadays equal importance as the products have. Brands hire professional firms to get a custom packaging solution that meets the miscellaneous need of the businesses wonderfully. Brands have a variety of options in terms of manufacturing materials, designs, and custom options. Talking about the materials, mainly the cardboard, bux board, and kraft paper stock materials are used for a customized solution because of their flexibility. All of these materials are sustainable in nature and are safe for food items as well. Equipping these boxes with embossing, gluing, die-cutting, foiling, and other custom options makes them a tool to inspire customers. Again the premium quality printing of the textual content and promotional graphics images also turns it into a marketing medium. Digital printing techniques and technology are used rather than opting for obsolete ones. UV coatings and some luxurious lamination types add value to both the products and packaging.

The subject of Halloween is quite misunderstood, and even several people are still curious about what happens during this event. Thoughts arise in everyone’s mind on seeing the Halloween images displayed over the custom packaging in retail stores. So, let’s reveal all the secrets about this amazing event and bust the myths about it.


1.     Historical Background of the Event

This event dates back centuries ago to the age of paganism and the Celtic religion. Halloween day is observed every year on the same date. It happens on the evening of 31 October when people are waiting before some hours for 1 November. Halloween packaging is seen everywhere for event-specific products. This event lasts for almost 2 weeks at that time for celebrating this event as the harvesting time. However, now it is celebrated as All Saints day by the Catholics.

2.      The Modern Way of Celebration

A lot has been changed since the Celtic era in terms of traditions. Now, this event is celebrated in the different regions of the world in modern ways. People gather like in the old days and more often wear different costumes to adopt the characters. Custom boxes full of different food items are arranged as a treat to the people present at the venue. People celebrate this event under a particular theme, and everyone follows that theme in their looks and actions. Neighbors are visited, and the whole time is made an everlasting memory by dancing and doing several other similar fun things.

3.      Role of Spooky Characters

The Celtic people wear scary clothes that they could trick the devil as they consider that people who passed away visit them on this day. They try that only good people reach them for the good omen. The same theme is still in use, and people have custom boxes full of costumes of scary characters. Moreover, the pictures of the spooky characters like the pumpkin, skeletons, and fake spiders are also hung to create a scary them. People craft these sketches on their own using local resources or can buy them from the market to turn their party venue into a scary place.

4.      Opportunities for Businesses

This event is especially quite a handful for the businesses as they are able to generate maximum revenue by making sales. People spend a lot of money to buy apparel, makeup, food, and several other types of items. Therefore, businesses use the special Halloween packaging to align their products with this event. According to a survey alone, Americans spend more than $9 billion on this event in terms of purchases. This event has become a source to boost the economy and businesses activities for many countries as well.

5.      Halloween Retail Packaging Designs

Businesses go creative to attract the people looking for products that could make their event more special. Almost every business selling the items through retail stores gets involved in using this event as a marketing opportunity. They do so by choosing the rightful designs for the custom boxes. The images of the spooky characters are displayed over the packaging to make the products more standout. The whole them is changed by businesses temporarily, and hence they are able to grab the maximum revenue by the boosted sales volumes. So, this event involves the participation of all communities in some regard.

So, it would be easy now for you to know about the ways this whole event is spent. The social and businesses activities reach their peak during this event, and individuals start preparing for these events days before. The presence of custom packaging with the Halloween designs also creates a thematic situation.

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