Hob buying guide: how to buy the right one for you

Hob Buying Guide: How To Buy the Right One For You

With the advancement in technology, plenty of regular buying thighs are getting advanced in day-to-day life too. People are getting used to the new technology and trying to get the easiest way possible for everything. With more advancement and options, many confusion points also come the way. What to buy and what not, and will it seek the actual purpose? This is a major concern in every industry,

Not anymore. If you are planning to buy the right hob for you, then you have landed on an excellent article. In this article, we will shorten every detail you need to figure out before being the hob. So let us move further in the article.


Key Features To Be Consider

Child Safety Lock

We all know this is important in a home; touch controls can be easily locked to prevent a child from altering the settings or switching the hob. This is now available in most of the inductions and ceramic hobs.

Dual Rings Service

The concept is also getting very popular as it is a very smart move because it saves fuel most effectively. There is a presence of a small burner inside the large burner. Either pan can be used according to the need.

Flexible Cooking Zones

Some of the hobs have a special feature that allows you to merge the two cooking zones in a single one. You can accommodate pans of multiple sizes and textures according to your need.

Ultra Rapid Burners

These are also famous for other names like a wok burner, booster, especially for inductions, or triple crown burner. This concept is common in most hobs as they give an ultra-rapid burner that is the center point of attraction for many buyers.

Such burners are used to generate intense high-power heat. They are specially designed for stir fry cooking in a large pan or fast cooking.


Hob timers and minute miners are common and present in all jobs. This keeps an eye on your cooking process and maintains control in the kitchen. Some of the timers automatically switch off the hob after a set time, or it may alarm you with a sound to make you alert.

Advanced hobs may allow you to set the time for each hob individually.


This is a minor concern with the pans and ceramic hobs. They are compatible with any pan. Only induction hobs are consistent with the pans containing iron.

Cast iron or steel pans are the preferred choice. But some copper and aluminum pans also go well with the inductions.

Automatic Ignition

This feature is limited to gas hobs only. That means the burner automatically ignites when the button is pressed and pushed in. older models may need a lighter to spark the light for ignition. But maximum burners are using new technology now.

How To Test Hobs?

The best way to test the hob is to note the time limit. That is how long it will take to boil water in each cooking zone. Whether the heat is evenly distributed or not. Check for how long heat is retained in each hotplate.

How long will it take to cool down after switching it off? How easily the pan gets clean when splattered with the cooking residues. These are some of the measuring points that must be checked for testing the gas burners.

Different Types Of Built-In Hobs

There are several types of hobs in the market. They make cooking easy and add to the house’s comfort and style. There are different types of built-in hobs in the market. Let us look at all of them and find the perfect hob for you.

  • Gas hobs are the most popular in Indian homes. They are easy to operate and can be easily used in the house. There is a basic model of hobs. It comes with additional features like a child lock and auto-ignition.
  • Induction hobs are easy to use and tackle. They work on the electromagnetic principle. These are more energy efficient and come with timers.
  • Electric hobs are for those who have a fixed budget. This electric plate is mounted on a hob when cooking takes place. They do not require gas and turn red when switched on.
  • Domain hobs are custom-made for flexible cooking. Homeowners could combine any hobs according to their needs.

We’ve tested many hob’s that you can buy based upon many metrics like price, features, customer service, reviews. You can also look out other product reviews on the website.


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