HostWinds Cloud Price – Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress 2022

Hostwinds Cloud PriceBest Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Just like Linode cloud hosting and Google Cloud Hosting GCP, Hostwinds cloud hosting is one of the best cloud web hosting service providers to create or launch your WordPress website or Blog in 2022.

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Introduction This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to install WordPress (WP) using a WordPress toolkit from Cpanel. If you don’t use cPanel, please see How to Install WordPress for information on installing WordPress manually.

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A cloud server is a virtual private server with specialized resources. These resources include CPU cores, RAM, and disk space, and you can use them to their fullest at any time. You can easily add resources to a cloud server, making it more mediocre than a specialized server. Our Hostwinds cloud servers come with a cloud control panel, allowing full access to various management and customization tools.

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Do I have complete control of My Cloud Server?

Access routes are provided for each Linux Hostwinds cloud server, and full admin accessories for each Windows cloud server Hostwinds, giving you full access to your server and configuring it to your liking to provide the capability. HostWinds believes in giving you more options, and, as such, we allow you to adjust your server completely out of the box or just wake up with the operating system installed for you.

HostWinds Cloud WordPress hosting Price and Plans:

HostWinds is a budget-friendly cloud hosting service resource package website. It’s not true, but it’s a versatile host, giving most people more than enough features to easily get started. If registered, this article will walk you through the entire WordPress setup process and adding the domain.

HostWinds Cloud WordPress hosting Price and Plans

Standard pricing structure:

These prices are competitive and rival even what you find in Siteegeade. Up to 70% cheaper than the first status update, depending on plan and period length. In comparison, Hostgator cloud hosting has the best availability except for 60%. In addition to the subscription terms listed above, you can buy hosting for three and six months – in this case, the price is the same for the monthly term. In my opinion, HostWinds is a good competitor to AWS and GCP.

Also, while the Business plans allow for unlimited websites, you will be limited by the number of inodes available – see below for details. For those who are very interested in the cheapest annual plan, please check out our ranking of the cheapest web hosting packages.

What’s the per-website hosting cost?

If we collect hosting packages and share them with the number of websites that are hosting the below package, we will get a free monthly fee for hosting the website. Assuming that you use the three-year package and allow the maximum number of websites. The per-website constant plans are very cost-effective when compared to competing hosts. I can’t count the sites for the final plan as it allows the website technically without limit.

Does Hostwinds cloud hosting offer a public discount promo code?

I asked Hostwinds Customer Assistance Agent about this, and apparently, in April 2020, the only exceptions were available when you could buy the first term. Some providers, such as WPX Hosting, offer redemption promo codes to new customers upon request via direct chat. This doesn’t happen in Hostwinds.

Do Hostwinds offer student discounts on this type of hosting?

Unfortunately, they don’t. Suppose you have access to the domain. EDU, if you are looking for discount hosting prices for students, then check out our student hosting recommendations.

Does HostWinds Cloud offer custom WordPress plans?

As far as I can see and based on what the representatives have called direct chat support, there is no specific WP cloud hosting plan available. If you need more resources than the standard shared WordPress plan from Hostwinds, you will need to purchase their special VPS plans.

What payment methods does HostWinds cloud hosting accept?

They accept payments via:

  1. Credit and debit cards
  2. Bitcoin
  3. PayPal
  4. Skrill

HostWinds cloud hosting is one of the few hosting providers that receive cryptocurrency payments, so even if you pay with bitcoin, you are not covered with the standard 60-day money-back guarantee. Some hosts are willing to negotiate the prices if you buy hosting for a long time (1+ years). Unfortunately, Hostwinds cloud hosting is not one of them. Check out our hosting company with a negotiated price ranking for hosts who like to negotiate.

Many WordPress cloud hosting service providers limit the number of visitors per month to your website. There is no such restriction on Hostwinds. Like an unlimited bandwidth, it has good and bad. The inode limit is 260,000, the same for all their WP hosting plans. The inode range refers to the number of folders and files you can keep on your hosting server. If your website has inodes, please see our guide to the hosts with the best inode limits for more recommendations.

260K should be more than enough for four websites you can have under the Advanced plan, but probably constraints to the Business cloud hosting plan. As a reference, consider that a basic WordPress installation with many plugins uses around 8,000-10,000 iPods.

HostWinds cloud hosting does not limit the amount or size of MySQL databases. However, they limit the number of simultaneous database connections to 150, well above the industry average (most hosts have a connection range of 15-25). If you’re a beginner webmaster launching your first website today, the database connection limit shouldn’t be a problem – you can safely ignore it. For more advanced users with a database-intensive website, we recommend that we consult our guidelines for the host with the highest database connection range.

Final Words – HostWinds Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

As far as budget WordPress hostings go, Hostwinds cloud hosting is a respectable choice. Loading times are great, and the website hosted on their servers should be able to handle 50 visitors simultaneously without problems.

There is a free domain, free SSL certificate, and respectable account security. The lack of free reserves is very unfortunate. The prices per package and their website are very competitive. HostWinds cloud hosting for WordPress websites is a good option for anyone with a budget to have a website with low traffic.

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