How Can I Install Netgear Orbi Router?

Are you confused about how to install a Netgear Orbi router? Don’t want to mess up the process? If so, you should check out the following points. These are going to help you prepare for the Netgear Orbi router setup process. Along with that, you even get to follow the right procedure to do the setup.

With that being said, let’s first explore some of the basic things required for the Orbi router setup. After that, know where to get started. Keep reading.

Preparatory Tips to Install Orbi Router


You need a modem to start the process. It will be your point of access to get the internet connection for your router.


Very obviously, you need the Orbi router. So, get one to strengthen the WiFi signals.

Ethernet Cable (s)

The Ethernet cable is used to provide you with the best connection between different devices. Hence, get hold of at least two cables.


To access the Netgear Orbi login page, you need to have a computer. You can even use a laptop. Just make sure you have an up-to-date system that works seamlessly.

When you have all the above-mentioned things, you are ready to get started with the Netgear Orbi router setup process. Read on.

Steps to Configure Orbi Router

Plugin Router

Get the Orbi router and plug it into a power outlet. After that, press the power button. If the router has not turned on yet, press the start button on your router. Make sure the device gets a consistent power supply for the best results.

Connect With Modem

To connect the router to the internet, you need to link the router to the host router. So, connect them by using an Ethernet cable. Make sure that the cable that you use is not corrupt or worn out. Also, the cable should fit into the router and modem ports perfectly.

Open PC

Plug the computer into an electric switchboard and press the power button. Further, you should use a perfectly working power supply cable. There must not be any sign of power fluctuation or short-circuit.

Launch Web Browser

Once the PC is running seamlessly, launch a web browser on your computer. The chosen web browser should be up to date and compatible with the PC. In case you are using an old browser, you should clear the cookies and cache files.

Enter Default URL

Click on the address bar and enter Do not commit any typing errors while entering the default URL. Also, make sure you don’t enter the URL in the search bar of the web browser that you are using.

Do Login

To do Netgear Orbi login, you need to have the default login credentials by your side. Thus, get hold of the router manual to know your login details. Enter the username and password without committing any typing errors. Click the Log In button after checking that you have entered the right login credentials.

Follow Instructions

You get access to the Netgear Orbi router dashboard. Hence, you get numerous messages prompted on your home screen. Follow through the online instructions to get through the router setup process. Once you are done, click on Apply option. That will save the settings that you have just changed.

Sum Up

In many cases, users are asked to reboot the device. So, if you confront the same message, you should let the Netgear Orbi router restart. After that, you can easily connect to the router WiFi network and connect to the digital world. You can always reset Orbi router if you face any issues and reinstall the router.

Make sure you connect to the WiFi network name. For safety purposes, you should change the WiFi name and set a password for it. With that, you can easily have a strong and secure connection throughout your home.

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