How to Apply for Credit Card – Quick Guide (2022)

There are many ways to obtain credit cards, including collateral for salaries, fixed deposits, income tax returns, or pre-approved offers.

You can, however, get it without leaving your existing card in the bank or making an FD by using your current card through card-to-card transfers. 

This article is about how to get a new credit card on a card-to-card basis if you have an existing credit card (even if you got it via a pre-approval offer or a bank FD) with a decent credit limit.


Why is Card-to-Card Basis Important in Credit Cards

You can get a new credit card through your existing credit card without proving your income, and this is if you have a current credit card from a different bank or the same bank.

For example, if you already have an ICICI Bank credit card and want an SBI Bank credit card, you can use your ICICI Bank credit card to get an SBI card without proving your income.

Card-to-Card Credit Cards Offer Many Benefits

  • Income proof is not required
  • Even if you don’t have much income, you can get a new premium card if your existing card has higher limits


The lowest annual income required to apply for a Super Premium Credit Card like the HDFC Infinia Credit Card is 45 Lacks a Year.

Nevertheless, if you already have an account with 8-10 Lacks of credit limit (because the bank increases the credit limit over time), you can apply for that card without having 45 Lacks of income.

How to Apply for Credit Card on Card to Card Basis

You must already have a credit card (either secured or unsecured). Most banks will offer you a credit card with an unsecured card even if you have a secured card (FD).

A few banks may ask for business information or job details to verify your employment. Credit Cards Can Be Applied For Without Existing Relationships With Existing Banks.

When applying for a new credit card, you should also access 30% of your existing credit limit. The front card details must be attached as a photocopy. In some instances, the application form contains the imprint of the front card.  If you have any existing credit cards, you may need to share their previous statements.

Statements from the last month, the last three months, or the previous six months are required by some banks.

Your CIBIL or credit score should be acceptable. See “Cibil Post” for instructions.

Your identity proof (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, etc.) is required.

TIP: Turn off international usage if you are not using it for international payments (using Net Banking or the mobile app, you can switch it on/off instantly)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 21-year-old minimum
  • available credit limit of 30%
  • On-time payment of your old credit card bills
  • A reasonable credit limit

Banks are allowed to approve or reject your application for a credit card even if you are eligible.

Credit cards must be at least ten years old.

Bank Name Minimum Credit Limit Age of Your Credit Card

HDFC Bank ₹ 50,000 1 Year

ICICI Bank ₹ 60,000 1 Year

IndusInd Bank ₹ 75,000 1 Year

SBI Bank ₹ 40,000 6 Months

RBL Bank ₹ 20,000 6 Months

Standard Chartered Bank –

(Not from the bank, but some other sources)

Credit Cards on a Card-to-Card Basis: Where Can I Apply

Card-to-Card Applications Can Be Made in Three Ways

  1. Branches (Recommended)
  2. Agents of Third Parties (Not Recommended)
  3. Online via a bank’s website

You can apply online via the bank’s website and tell a bank executive when you get the call you would like to use on a card-to-card basis. When the verification process is complete, you will be given an application number, which you can use to track your application status.

Using an agent means that you must take a photo of their ID card and them.

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