home care packages

How to Apply For Home Care Packages Sydney?

home care packages

Home care packages are meant for individuals that need services, enabling them to be independent and safe at home. It can be personal care, home maintenance, or meal preparation, among many other services. Home care packages Sydney, is an excellent example of such services.

The Australian Government funds this initiative partly or fully and enables you the comfort at home while you receive the care applied for. If you and your loved one need such home care packages Sydney, you should read through this page to learn about the steps of applying for it.


Check Your Eligibility

Finding your eligibility for a Home Care Package is not so difficult. You need to get yourself assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The team determines whether or not you have high or low-level care requirements.

ACAT is a service in Australia found in hospitals and local communities for the benefit of the citizens. Furthermore, the assessments are done free of cost. Such tests also determine if you are eligible for the subsidized aged care services extended by the Australian Government.

Find a Suitable Home Care Package Provider

Once you have successfully appeared for the ACAT test and got yourself eligible for the package, you need to search for a convenient home care provider. This provider should provide you with all the services you include in your Home Care Package. When you get the provider you want, you can use the extensive directory of Aged Care Online.

Work Out the Costs

Australia offers subsidized offers of aged care for the citizens of Australia. If you are eligible and your personal conditions give you the approval, you need to contribute to these costs. Whether or not you qualify for the subsidy will be discussed, and you can decide with your service provider before receiving the Home Care Package.

Two types of fees are typically applied in these packages: a basic daily fee and an income-tested care fee. Therefore, if you can cope with the payments, you are expected to pay these fees.

Accept a Home Care Package

The home care service provider will let you know whether or not they can provide you with suitable services. The Home Care Agreements require the service provider to work closely with you to design the care plan and your goals, preferences, care needs, and the budget that covers the expense of it all. You can then approve to accept or not to accept the package.

Entering a Home Care Agreement

Once a home care provider is assigned to you, you will be entering into your Home Care Agreement. It is an agreement between you and your home care provider on specific clauses throughout the period of the service. It includes the sets and plans your home package will provide you with.

You would be given ample time to read the agreement and sign the papers. In the meantime, you can even seek legal advice to decide whether or not you want to sign the deal. And the day you sign it begins your Home Care Package. In case of any change in the package, the care provider shall review it.


Home Care Packages, Sydney is a boon to the citizens. They are meant to benefit the communities and help them lead comfortable and smooth life. The great news is even the Australian Government is an active part of this system.

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